Take a Look at Innovative Mechanics and New Features in Airborne Kingdom!

November 29, 2023 – Prepare to embark on an aerial adventure with BAFTA-nominated indie developers The Wandering Band as they fly players to new skies in Airborne Empire. Due out in 2024, the game's first gameplay trailer provides a sneak peek at the innovative mechanics and fresh features being brought to the Airborne games for the first time. 


In Airborne Empire, players will adventure through dangerous skies aboard a fledgling flying city, endeavoring to transform it into a bustling metropolis. Like its predecessor Airborne KingdomAirborne Empire will challenge players not only to manage limited resources and keep their population happy, but also to master the unique lift, balance, and propulsion mechanics that keep their city aloft. With this new installment in the Airborne series also comes new mechanics, buildings, biomes, and the long-awaited inclusion of combat.

In the trailer, we meet two avian characters, Merchant Pyle and Magistrate Agatha, each a delightful embodiment of the Ghibli-inspired charm and wonder that pervade the game's world. They introduce us to Airborne Empire's pirate enemies and offer the player a quest. The trailer also features clips of the combat and defense mechanics, including a first look at the Defense Tower and Cannon buildings that integrate seamlessly into the series' signature steampunk aesthetic and colony-management gameplay. "Our community helped shape Airborne Kingdom," says studio co-founder Ben Wander about Airborne Empire's predecessor. "Combat was the biggest requested feature of the last game, but I’m also excited about how much richer the world and story will be in Airborne Empire." 

As players adventure through brand-new skies, they'll encounter a variety of biomes in an open world teeming with whimsical characters, dynamic quests, and hidden wonders waiting to be discovered. While aiding the communities below, players will unlock the wisdom to incorporate cutting-edge technologies and counter the looming pirate threat. Research defense upgrades, defend your city, and unravel the world's mysteries all while building your very own Airborne Empire!

"It really sets a different tone – an adventure, like Indiana Jones," says studio co-founder and designer Zach Mumbach. "Call it city-builder meets RPG. It’s really its own thing, and I can’t wait to get players’ hands on it!"

Airborne Empire will arrive on PC and Mac via Steam Early Access in 2024. Visit airborneempire.com for more information, and follow The Wandering Band on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

About The Wandering Band

The Wandering Band is an indie games studio focused on creating unique, high-quality interactive experiences that challenge genre boundaries and explore new topics through game mechanics. It was founded by industry veterans Frederik Gareau, Zachary Mumbach, and Ben Wander in 2018. The founders have decades of combined AAA experience, with work spanning multiple hit franchises like Dead Space, Dragon Age, Battlefield, and Star Wars. In 2020, they released their first title Airborne Kingdom, which received a BAFTA nomination for "Best Debut Game."

Article by: Susan N.


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