Highrise City expands - bottom to top - with Metro & Planes DLC!

Thursday 21st December, 2023: Deck13 Spotlight is pleased to announce their ongoing support, in the form of patches and free content, with fans now getting the first expansion for Highrise City! The Metro & Planes DLC is available now for 2.99$, an amazing price point that allows players to create even more realistic cities and immerse themselves in an experience not to be missed.

Highrise City, the ambitious PC Steam ‘blockbuster’ city builder from FourExo Entertainment and Deck13 Spotlight, has built up and captivated a dedicated community constantly playing the unique mix between classic city builders and  complex economy simulation. This unique format blows away recent competition for those who have experienced Highrise City’s complexity.

Highrise City - Metro & Planes DLC Trailer

DLC at a City Stopping Price!

The new Metro & Planes DLC offers a new option for players to design their cities and create even more realistic environments and economy branches. The new airport adds a new way to trade resources and to increase the wealth of your cities. Use the all new metro system to optimize your public transport. The newly created metro uses a complex spline-based rail system which allows you to easily create complex metroline systems, to build even more realistic cities. Additionally, the new additions to the public transport will further lower the costs to your citizens, enabling them to travel even further distances to their designated workplace.

Sale Time! It's a Bargain!!!!!!!

Over the festive season Highrise City will be included as part of the Christmas Sale with 25% off and DLC will be 10% off during Launch Week on Steam (GOG follows at a later point). There will also be a permanent bundle on Steam offering 10% off to complete the bundle.

Deck13 Spotlight

"Deck13 Interactive is one of Germany's leading developers. Employing more than 90 and with studios located in Frankfurt, the team develops award-winning large scale productions for Consoles and PC. With "Deck13 Spotlight" the team established a publishing service to help independent developers bring their projects to wider audiences."

About FourExo Entertainment

FourExo is a small indie developer located in eastern Germany. Their debut title stands perfectly well for the team's ambitions: Working like maniacs on a vision - that's the mission.

More information on the website: http://highrisecitygame.com/

Article by: Susan N.






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