'Make Way' for the Jingle Jam Annual Charity Event!

Dundee, Scotland – 22 November 2023: All the pieces are falling into place – chaotic cross-platform multiplayer "DIY racer" Make Way will be charging onto PC via Steam on 4 December, with consoles coming soon after.

Make Way will be the first game ever to launch as part of Jingle Jam, the annual charity fundraising event  that brings influencers, gamers and the games industry together to raise millions for charity. Jingle Jam has raised over £23m for good causes since 2011. Available from 1 December, the Jingle Jam 2023 bundle Games Collection will include more than 70 games worth an incredible £1,000, with 100% of proceeds shared between 12 charities. Steam keys for Make Way bought as part of the Jingle Jam bundle will activate on 4 December.
Make Way is a fast-paced thrill-ride with a simple mantra: Build, Race, Win, Repeat. Players must build their own tracks alongside their friends with a set of randomly selected pieces, before battling in round-based races to take the top spot on their ever-expanding courses. With a wide array of obstacles and track pieces to unlock and use, no two races will ever be the same.

About Make Way

  • Mix and match unique track pieces and hazards for near-endless course configurations
  • Fight for weapons and power-ups to gain the advantage
  • Unlock new track pieces and vehicles for wackier races
  • Up to four players, either locally or online with cross-platform multiplayer
  • Adjust the chaos levels with customisable rules, giving you control over safety barriers, hazard placement, and more
Make Way will launch on PC via Steam on 4 December 2023 for $14.99 / £12.99 / €14.99, with consoles coming soon.

The Steam version will be available as part of Jingle Jam from 1 December.

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Article by: Susan N.


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