The Highly Anticipated Puzzle Game of the Year 'The Talos Principle 2' is Out!

November 3rd, 2023 

The Talos Principle II, Croteam and Devolver Digital’s epic philosophical puzzle game, launched on Nov. 2 to rave reviews, Available as of yesterday for a paltry $29.99 on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, critics have heaped glowing praise on the game, calling it, “thought-provoking,” “genius,” and “a masterpiece.” 


But you can’t please everyone.

We gave an early review key to monstrous(ly intelligent and wonderful, please don’t kill us) artificial intelligence GLaDOS, expecting her to resonate with the game’s vision of a future where humanity is extinct and sentient robots rule the world. 

But, well, see for yourself. 


Whatever. It’s a big industry. There’s room for another first-person puzzle game featuring cubes, pressure pads, laser beams and portals. 

She’s just jealous that our game has cats that you can pet. 

A series that originally debuted in 2014 to the surprise and delight of millions of would-be philosophers, Croteam had more story to tell. The sequel carries forward an enthralling adventure spanning an astonishing world where biological humanity is extinct, but where humankind continues on through a civilization of robotic beings. After hearing the call of a mysterious presence, this futuristic society must earn answers and its potential discovery of life-changing technology - achievable only through overcoming the puzzles and challenges of an island hosting jaw-dropping landmarks and spectacular vistas. Also, you get to practice perfectly arranging a lot (a lot) of lasers. 

A thought-provoking journey parsing grand concepts from the value and pitfalls of humanity to the nature of the cosmos, The Talos Principle II continues the series’ excellence in interweaving environmental puzzles with narrative concepts that spur introspection through play. The result is a remarkable outing with ideas and questions bound to linger in memory long after reaching its conclusion.

Grab the bundle today on Steam for just $53.98 and play the entire story: 

Interface your robo-brain with for more information.

Article by: Susan N.