Come Rain or Slime Content Update is Now Available!

SAN MATEO, Calif. - November 14, 2023 - Monomi Park, creators of the highly popular Slime Rancher franchise, today announced that “Come Rain or Slime”, the second major content update for Slime Rancher 2, is now available. This update features an array of new dynamic weather elements that will engage both the existing community and newcomers alike. Prepare to immerse in Rainbow Island where the forces of nature reign supreme and where beloved Dervish and Tangle slimes make their triumphant return. Free to current owners of Slime Rancher 2, new players can download the game and access the content update for Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC starting today for $29.99. 

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  • All New Dynamic Weather System: The skies and environment will come alive with rain, wind, thunderstorms, lightning and more! As the weather dances across the different areas, you can discover their unique impact on the environment and slimes. Discover how weather systems escalate and produce new phenomena like tornadoes and tangle vines.
  • Return of Tangle and Dervish Slimes: Prepare to welcome back some of your favorite slimes with rebalanced behaviors. These slimes will engage both new and experienced ranchers. Rediscover their abilities as they carve a unique niche in the ever-evolving ecosystem.
  • Weather Symphony: Immerse in an auditory feast that beautifully reflects the ebb and flow of dynamic weather changes. Each weather type boasts its own captivating melody, further enhancing the immersive experience as you explore the effects of nature's whims on the island's inhabitants.
  • Navigation Enhancements: Delve into a newly revamped Slimepedia interface with a beautified look and cleaner layout, making learning about the world of Slime Rancher a much easier experience.

Slime Rancher 2 is a sequel to the award-winning, smash-hit original that has been enjoyed by over 15 million fans worldwide. Continue the adventures of Beatrix LeBeau as she journeys to Rainbow Island, a mysterious land brimming with ancient technology, unknown natural resources, and an avalanche of wiggling, jiggling, new slimes to discover.

As Beatrix attempts to unravel the island’s secrets and uncover its true purpose, she’ll build, ranch, and farm within a beautiful conservatory, whose sparkling glass walls give her full view of the prismatic paradise she now calls home. 

About Monomi Park

Monomi Park is an independent game studio based out of sunny San Mateo, California. Founded in 2014 by Nick Popovich and Mike Thomas, Monomi Park is committed to creating inclusive and innovative gaming experiences that defy expectations. Its flagship title, Slime Rancher was released into Early Access in 2016 with an official release following in 2017. It is one of the highest-rated games on Steam of all time with a 98% positive average score and has sold over 6 million copies across all platforms with over 15 million players worldwide. Slime Rancher 2 launched into Early Access on September 22, 2022 and sold over 300,000 copies in the first week. For more information on Monomi Park, visit

Article by: Susan N.