IXION - PC (Steam) Preview

IXION by developer Bulwark Studios and publisher Kasedo GamesPC (Steam) preview written by Robert with a copy provided by the publisher.

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes 

IXION, by Bulwark Studios is self-described as “Frostpunk in space” and that could not be a more honest statement, one I find refreshing in today’s politically-charged social world. That wasn’t the only thing that I was somewhat blindsided by, as upon launching IXION's demo (something I strongly recommend you do) and giving it a go, the brutal honesty of that statement will hit you square in the face. You see, IXION is, almost literally, “Frostpunk in Space.”

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I have to confess that this preview was one of the harder ones for me to write, in part because only a few minutes into it and I felt like I’d already put 50 hours into it (coincidentally, the amount of hours I have in the base Frostpunk game) and in part because, even knowing that… I still want more. Bulwark Studios has managed to do something relatively rare in the gaming industry… unashamedly cloning a game that essentially perfected the survival city-builder genre right out of the gate… Frostpunk.

“What’s special about that,” you ask? Bulwark was honest about it. That’s huge in my book.

On to the game, though- IXION is a narrative city-building survival management title where you’re in charge of building and maintaining the interior of a colony ship. After humanity screwed up good ol’ Mother Earth, we decided to launch a but of folk into space and hope they land somewhere safe. Queue our entrance and the start of IXION's short demo… and by short, I mean short. I completed it slowly in about 45 minutes which, if I’m being honest, is a bloody shame because what they have of the game so far is just so. Flipping. Good.

First, the aesthetic- I’m a sucker for science fiction and the dark, dank walls of your colony ship, the Tiqquan really lend to that hard science fiction feel that is established in IXION's (stunning) opening cutscenes. I love the metallic, harsh, and highly controlled environment that’s showcased throughout the entirety of the demo- but above all? IXION's designs and aesthetic simply feel real. That very element was a part of what makes Frostpunk so terrifyingly good- they are a very believable future. That helps lend itself to the heavy responsibility of managing the colony ship.

Just as you learn the ropes of managing the needs of the colony against the restrictions of resources, it fades to black and … that’s it. I legitimately had to walk away from my computer in disbelief. Now, don’t get me wrong, in no way is this bad. In fact, it’s brilliant and I have to applaud Bulwark Studios on this because IXION is literally the only game I’ve thought of since I finished the demo.


Well done, Bulwark, well done indeed.

Score: N/A



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