Family Feud - PS4 Review

Family Feud
by developer Snap Finger Click and publisher UbisoftSony PlayStation 4 review written by Jim with a copy provided by the publisher.

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Family Feud is one of my favorite game shows as it had questions I could answer even when I was younger and I really liked that about it. For anyone who doesn't know what Family Feud is it is a game show that started back in 1976 where two family's of five compete to answer survey questions that were previously asked to a group of 100 people. Each round starts with a face-off where one family member from each family gets to see who can hit the buzzer the fastest and answer the question.

The game plays much like the show but if you are short on family members or friends you can play alone in Classic mode or even online. In Classic mode, you can play with up to five players all on the same family using one or more controllers. If you play alone it will be just you vs the computer players. There are four levels in single-player ranging from easy through very hard. Once you beat easy through hard you will unlock the very hard level but I must say all seemed easy to beat to me.

If you want to play with more than five people or if you want to play against a friend there is Party Battle Mode where you can play with up to ten players in teams of five. The game plays the same except for the fast money round where the winning team usually gets to play for more money in party mode both teams get to play fast money round. The winning team goes first and the losing team second. The team that wins this wins the game.

Next, there is an online multiplayer mode called Couch vs. Couch where you and up to four others can play other people but it will match you up with anyone even if they have more players. I played one match that was me versus two. The game plays the same as party mode with the fast money round being played by both players. A lot of times with these types of games it takes a long time to be matched up to someone to play but all the times I played online I had no problems finding someone to play with.

The last mode is a live show mode where if you are a streamer on YouTube or Twitch others watching you can play along. The host player is asked a survey question that they answer without the viewers knowing and the viewers try to guess what the host player answered. The viewer's scores are then put onto a leaderboard. The host player can also make up questions to ask during a live show and viewers can also submit their own suggestions. It's a pretty cool idea and I am glad they tried something new.

You earn money for winning or even losing gives you money that you can then use to customize your character by buying new clothes and accessories for him or her. There are pre-made characters also if you do not feel like making one and jump right into the game. The host of the game is Lucky McCoy he is just a random host made up for the game but he does an okay job. He reads the questions and even says the answer you give at times.

One thing I don't like about him is he talks just a bit much at times and there is no way to skip any of it even the family introductions are unskippable. Other than that Family Feud for the PS4 is a pretty good recreation of the show. I do wish that they could have added the real host of the show Steve Harvey to add to the realism of the game. It could have used some more levels in classic mode as four was not enough and was easy for me to beat each one.

Overall it has some good new ideas and does a good job of making the show into a video game. With only a few things that I think could have been better like being able to skip over some parts and having a better host, it is a decent game. I enjoyed playing this with my family over the Thanksgiving holiday and it could be a very fun party game once COVID is taken care of.

Score: 7.5 / 10



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