Hell of Men: Blood Brothers Releases September 23rd

La Chapelle-Launay, France – September 17, 2019 – NATO vs Russia war-themed real-time strategy game Hell of Men: Blood Brothers will be released on Monday, September 23 on Steam.

Hell of Men: Blood Brothers presents an imaginary conflict in which NATO forces are concerned about Russia's annexation of Ukraine. Lead two brothers through 6 different missions to fight against the Russian army.

“Hell of Men: Blood Brothers features realistic gameplay mechanics”, says Dylan Ganuchaud, CEO at Whacky Squad Studio.

Hell of Men: Blood Brothers contains 4 additional game modes: solo campaign, solo skirmish, cooperative, and multiplayer for up to 4 players. The game will be available in Early Access for 6 months approximately.


  • Real-time strategy.
  • NATO vs Russia World War III context
  • Innovative mechanics that reward thoughtful and strategic players.
  • Simulation: cover system for infantry, class combinations, vehicles with firepower...
  • Environment domination.
  • 4 game modes: solo, solo skirmish, Cooperative, and multiplayer

Additional Information

About Whacky Squad Studio

After his studies, Dylan Ganuchaud chose to return to these first dreams. Those of creating video games and transporting players to new worlds because what he loves most is telling stories. In 2019 he created Whacky Squad Studio with the first project Hell of Men: Blood Brothers –a skirmish strategy game in the context of World War III.

Article by Susan N.



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