Dusk Diver Reveals New Trailer, Day One Edition, and Release Date

PQube (London, UK) - August 29th, 2019 - Today, developer JFI Games Inc., Justdan International Co. Ltd. and publisher PQube reveal the release date and a new gameplay trailer for Dusk Diver! The Taipei based and developed anime action game gives players a tour of the city's iconic Ximending disctrict with a difference on the following dates:
  • October 24th on Steam worldwide
  • October 25th on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Europe
  • October 29th on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in North America

Our new Gameplay Trailer gives a foretaste of the flashy Musou fights:

The Dusk Diver Day One Edition features a high quality Art Book packed full of gorgeous visuals, concept art and character profiles. Alongside this, divers will receive 7 character badges featuring the colourful inhabitants of Taipei’s Ximending district! The Art Book, Badges and game are housed in a Day One Edition Box with cover art exclusive to it.

Dusk Diver is being locally developed in Taiwan and the first game to capture the vibrant and exciting lifestyle of Ximending district, one of the country's most popular tourist locations.

The story starts at Exit 6 of the MRT station Ximending, showing a recreation of its streets in a realistic but fantasized world, rendered in beautiful anime style.

From there on, players follow ordinary high school student Yang Yumo and experience her fantasy action adventure through Ximending and Youshanding, a mirror world with two faces.

Check out the official Dusk Diver homepage: https://duskdiver.jfigames.com/index_en.html

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About JFI Games Inc.

JFI Games Inc., who stationed its development team in 2017 February, is an emerging game developer in Taiwan, and now has more than 250 employees.
JFI Games is dedicated to developing new and original games, and also has the businesses like games publishing and IP license.Trying to explore players experience, expand the pleasure in gaming, and enhance the ability in developing will make JFI Games to be the one of the best companies in Taiwan game industry.

About Justdan International Co., Ltd.

Justdan is a professional importer, distributor and publisher of games, consoles and periperals. The company was founded in 2005 by three enthusiast gamers who turned their passion for PC and console game into a job. Their goal is to enrichen people’s daily lives with entertainment and Justdan is honored to be an "Official Nintendo distributor" for Taiwan since October 2017.

About PQube

PQube is a leading publisher, distributor and service provider for the interactive entertainment industry with a global reach through UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia and North and South America from its offices in Letchworth (UK), Bristol (UK), Paris (France), Los Angeles (USA) and Hong Kong.

As a licensed publisher with Sony, Microsoft, Valve, Nintendo and Apple, PQube’s software division publishes and distributes video games for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, iOS, Android, PC and has full coverage across all digital download platforms, establishing a track record of success with major franchises including: Gal*Gun, Chaos;Child, Cat Quest, Valkyrie Drive, White Day, Root Letter, BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, Kotodama, MotoGP, Ride, MXGP, Harvest Moon, Senran Kagura and Steins;Gate.

PQube’s hardware division designs, manufactures and distributes officially licensed consoles and accessories including the brand-new Atari ‘Retro’ range.

We thank all our partners and acknowledge all game names, brands and trademarks as properties of their respective owners. Visit: www.pqube.co.uk/games.

Article by Susan N.



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