A Showcase of Indie Developers at Dreamhack 2019


Here at Chalgyr's we are known for reviewing a lot of different games, everything from indie to AAA titles (depending on the publisher). Since Dreamhack showcases a lot of different Indie games every year, we thought we'd spread the love and tell you about the 2019 games displayed. Each Section has the Studio followed by the game title. Enjoy!

Triple Scale Games - Save Your Nuts

This Early Access title is a party game meant to be played with up to 8 players. It's objective is to, you guessed it, save your nuts. Save Your Nuts is a game that is based on skill, requiring players to attack or defend strategically and there are three different game modes. Hilariously, there is a mode called "Capture the Nut", Battle, and Thieves. Players get to choose from 6 characters including Squirrels, Dogs, Raccoons, Armadillos, Beavers, and Cats. The latter two can be unlocked. On the 8 different maps available, players can save their nuts in a couch party mode or a peer to peer connection.

Save Your Nuts is available on Steam for less than $15 USD, so be sure to follow the game on the website or on Twitter.

01 Studio - City Wars Savage

From 01 Studio comes an indie MMORPG where players can explore the world, gather resources, and enchant your gear to protect yourself from the monsters found. It reminds me very much like Minecraft or Maple Story two in that it is a 3D, third-person view, block game. What's more, is the CityWars Savage is free to play, so feel free to load up Steam and give it a try!

Be sure to check out the website and Twitter pages for more details.

Alix Rocheleau Games - Biplane Racer

Biplane Racer is a 2D racing game with cartoon biplanes who are going up against goofy animals. There are all sorts of obstacles to make things challenging, and it features more than 70 levels. Players can either run in adventure mode or play again the computer regardless of if they are alone or with friends. Biplane Racer requires a controller to play since the keyboard and mouse is not supported.

Right after Dreamhack, the developers released a major update, so be sure to check out the new content and fixes!

Check out the game on Steam and be sure to follow their Twitter.

Totema Studio - Zombiotik

This couch game makes your living room a meeting place for you and your friends. It is a colorful and minimalistic world that supports between 2 and 8 players who are trying to survive as long as they can. In this world, there are epidemics that players need to work together to defeat. Zombiotik is a game for the whole family.

Take a look at the Steam page for more information about this title, though it is available for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Totema Studio has an official website that can be looked at for more info as well as a couple other titles.

Beyond Fun Studio - Aeolis Tournament

Aeolis Tournament is an action party game that supports up to 8 players. It features physics-based gameplay, tournament mode, local play, or online multiplay. It looks like a top-down Smash Brothers style of game, in certain aspects, and will release in February 2020.

Take a peek at the Steam page for more information, as well as the official Beyond Fun Studios website.

Dragon Slumber - Tech Support Error Unknown

Players take on the role of a new tech support specialist in the game Tech Support: Error Unknown. While navigating the technical issues plaguing fictional people in the game, players find themselves deep in a conspiracy. Players must come to grips with a choice: do they stick with their boss, help the activist group, assist the police, or stand-alone. Tech Support: Error Unknown has more than 20 major and minor endings, proving to be an interesting gameplay experience.

Check out the Steam page and hop onto the official website for more information about this title.

Barnaque - Infini

For the Nintendo Switch and Steam is a game called Infini, a game chalked full of mind-bending puzzles within a psychedelic realm. Players must learn how to use the camera in order to unlock areas. Each world contains new abilities, themes, and other opportunities to meet people that may become friends or foes with. There is more than 8 hours worth of gameplay with the 100+ levels. Infini is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2020 and its trailer can be found here.

Take a look at Barnaque's website for more details about Infini.

Chasing Rats Games - Strugglin

Struggling is a game that lets players use a pile of flesh as their bodies. It is a physics-based co-op game that reminds me of the movement physics in Gang Beasts or Totally Awesome Delivery Service except that each player controls one of the appendages. Though, there is a solo mode where the controls feel much different than the co-op mode.

Struggling will be available in early 2020 so make sure to follow the official website or wishlist the title on Steam.

Bebop Games - Playcraft

Bebop Games set out to create a game where players can create online multiplayer games without the coding. They will be able to switch easily between create mode and play mode with a single button. It is a title that allows players to publish their games for the community to try out. The interface is simple and abolishes the barriers that plague gamers with intimidating coding.

Playcraft, which has no release date as of yet, is an Early Access title that allows Beta Access for a small fee that can be found on their webpage. Also, check out the Steam page for more information about the game.

Akedo Studio - The Curse of the Lost Cause

Near as I can tell, The Curse of the Lost Cause is a platformer. The protagonist has befallen a brutal curse that he must get rid of. Unfortunately, there are obstacles that stand in his way and hopefully, he will be able to get rid of his issue.

The game entered production in June 2019 and does not have a release date at this time. More information about the game can be found either on the Akedo Studio website or on Itch.io.

Lore Nine - Home

Home is a walking simulator that immediately caught my attention. The game is designed to have players embark on a journey where players determine what Home means to them. It's an abstract and free to play title that is relaxing. There are many easter eggs for players to find in the game too!

Grab the game on Steam right now and take a look at Lore Nine's Twitter page to keep up to date.

Golden Laugh Studio - Brainstorm

Brainstorm is a couch game that can support up to four players. It is filled with a set of mini-games that last between one and five minutes. This title is meant as a multiplayer game designed for families. It is still in early access and contains a couple different DLC's.

Find more details about Brainstorm on Steam.

Q-Bit Games - Holobunnies

Holobunnies is a side-scrolling adventure game. You play as one of them where you can explore planets, fight creatures, collect treasure, and hopefully find a new home for your buddies. It features single-player, multiplayer, and local co-op modes.

Currently, there is no release date listed and the website is broken but check out the Steam page and Twitter for updates about Holobunnies.

Ratloop Games Canada - Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate is a first-person shooter with unique time travel mechanics because players are stuck within a time loop. Over the course of several rounds, players will take turns changing the future. It is a strategic turn-based experience that contains seven heroes.

At this time, there is no release date so keep an eye on Ratloop's Twitter, Website, and Steam page.

Oddbreeze - The Grand Block Odyssey

Crew 167 awakes from cryosleep to find himself alone on a spaceship. He is isolated and needs to keep himself amused, so his mind creates hallucinations for entertainment. The Grand Block Odyssey lets players into the mind of Crew 167 while he figures out the world around him. It is a psychological experience where players solve puzzles.

Feel free to check out the website for more information and add The Grand Block Odyssey to your wishlist on Steam.

Astrolab Interactive -  Sacrifice Your Friends

Perhaps the most hilarious title of all the indie games is Sacrifice Your Friends, a multiplayer party brawler set in the H.P. Lovecraft universe. There can be two to four players in this cartoony horror game. Battle your friends with a variety of weapons and showcase your skills by customizing you character with unlockable hats and skins.

Sacrifice Your Friends will release in March 2020 and is available on PC, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. In the future will be releases for PS4 and Xbox.

Binogure Studio - City Game Studio

City Game Studio is a simulation game where  players are the founder of a video game company. Like any simulation game, it requires strategy, ability to adapt to a new location, and paying for artists to improve your games. Sometimes players will have to sell out to the big dogs aka the publishers who will take away profits. And hopefully, players can buy back their company's independence from the evil money grubbing publishers.

City Game Studio is available on Steam but be sure to keep up to date with Binogure Studios on their Twitter.

Article by Susan N.


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