Antigraviator: Viper Trails - PC Review

Not long ago, I reviewed a super fast game called Antigraviator. Cybernetic Walrus recently came out with a new DLC for it, so I jumped at the chance to play the new content.

Viper Trails DLC

The Viper Trails DLC added a couple of new tracks, a new mirrored mode, and a hybrid mode. It also includes one new ship called the Venom.

Now, for a DLC, I have to say that I was expecting a little more from the developer. Sure, this really easy to play racing game is perfect for a certain type of gamer, but it lacks replayability for me – even as a favoured genre.

There are no additional ship modifications and other than adding a couple new modes, there aren't big changes to the game – understandable given that the DLC is priced at $5.99 USD. Since this content seemed lacking, I couldn't even tell that Viper Trails was installed at first!

So let's look at the tracks. There are three added under the new Forest category. These three tracks are called:
    • The Last Jungle
    • Colliding Pines
    • Robin's Wood

All three of these tracks are fun, but they are not ground breaking. That said, I do like that Colliding Pines has a death ring that players must anticipate ahead of time. If they aren't going either fast enough or high enough to pass through it, players will spawn on the track below it because they've crashed into it. Ever heard the saying "It's a trap!" Yeah. That.

The other two aren't particularly special and don't stand out in my mind but they do present their own small challenges when considering competitive play.

Each of these new race tracks include specially composed music by Alex Meza, a Dutch Electronic artist well known for his influence in the Dutch Drum & Bass scene. He is a highly respected DJ, MC, and Producer. Alex Meza has worked with artists like Grooverider, TeeBee, and Pendulum. By using his music as the backdrop to the new race tracks, the development company has brought his music to the ears of a larger network of people. (If anyone is interested, more information about Alex Meza and his tunes can be found on his Facebook page.)

Cybernetic Walrus added a hybrid mode that brings traps back into the various tracks. At the moment, normal mode has the use of traps where pure mode does not. So adding a mirror mode, which allows players a reversed version of a track, adds a fair amount of replayability for most people.

Overall Thoughts

Antigraviator allows players to feel the need for speed without feeling guilty about repair costs or destroying precious high end cars. It's easy to play with friends and online but that is all it is.

For most players already invested in Antigraviator, the price point of Viper Trails at $5.99 USD is worth while. However, I was personally disappointed because I have high standards for racing games. My assumption was that the DLC would make the game more interesting with the addition of new skins or modifications to the ships. But, a couple of tracks, a new couple of game modes, and one new ship (although awesome looking) just wasn't enough to amaze me. But don't get me wrong. This game is perfect for a bunch of friends to compete in.

In short, this DLC actually made me love Antigraviator less, not because Cybernetic Walrus did anything wrong, but because it wasn't enough.

While Antigraviator still ranks relatively high because of its simple concept, Viper Trails on its own receives a six and a half out of ten in my books. It's fun to play once in a while but it's not a game that I frequently return to.

Game Information

Cybernetic Walrus
Iceberg Interactive
Single Player
Other Platform(s):
Consoles later this year

Provided by Publisher

Article by Susan N.


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