Memorable Music in Gaming #39

Well, it has been a few weeks since our last installment. This time we take a very Final Fantasy-centric look at music. Starting with...

Final Fantasy VII (PS1) - Tifa's Theme

Emotional with a tinge of the ominous. The sustained notes are brilliant touch at creating so effective a mood with this one.

Final Fantasy IV (DS) - Theme of Love

This theme will instantly make you believe that, yes, love and magic are real and wonderful experiences.

Final Fantasy X (PS2) - Suteki da ne

Once again I will have to say this: I haven't played a lick of FFX, but boy do I enjoy the music immensely. Suteki da ne (which means "isn't it wonderful?") was the first time I heard a song from Final Fantasy that had vocals, and I instantly fell in love with it. I don't often find myself listening to Japanese music a whole lot (with vocals even less), but there's a certain Studio Ghibli-esque vibe to it that I couldn't pass up on!

Final Fantasy X (PS2) - Otherworld

Now this is more like it! Those wailing, cauling guitars; those gruff, growling vocals; those industrial metal-like lyrics. Heavy metal in Final Fantasy? Surely you jest. The last place I'd expected to find such a thrashing, headbanging composition, Otherworld hits you like a spiked wall at full speed.

Final Fantasy VIII (PC) - Don't Be Afraid

This is the kind of tune I used to hum to myself whenever doing something extraordinarily epic and daring:

i.e., ramming my Hot Wheels cars into each other and imagining Michael Bay-esque explosions and John Woo-esque slow-motions.

Article by Hamza


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