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With Gamescom this week there's something new to show off for Total War: Three Kingdoms! Check it out in the trailer and the presser below,

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS playable at Gamescom

Spectacular night-time ambush battle detailed in latest let's play

As the Tyrant Dong Zhuo faces imminent defeat, the cunning chancellor Cao Cao thinks beyond this victory and plots against his coalition partner – the warlord Sun Jian.

Sun Ren, daughter of the mighty warlord Sun Jian, leads her army in defence of her father's lands. Little does she realise, the enemy lies in silent wait nearby. As the westering sun slips below the horizon, the ambushers steel themselves for battle. As Sun Ren approaches, the signal-lanterns are lit, and with a great volley of fire-arrows and a mighty roar, they burst from the treeline!

Available for all to play at Gamescom 2018, The Ambush of Sun Ren sees the player commanding the heroic children of Sun Jian and their army, withstanding waves of incoming heroes and warriors in a desperate bid for survival. Spectacular visuals and lighting bring this misty, moon-washed valley to life, as floating lanterns paint the scene and trees burst into flames, casting dynamic shadows as thousands of troops clash.

This battle also treats players to their first look at Total War: THREE KINGDOMS' campaign map. Authentic, atmospheric and striking in its detail, it's the most beautiful Total War campaign map yet.
This spectacular battle from Total War: THREE KINGDOMS will be playable at Gamescom on the Deep Silver stand, Hall 9, August 21-25.
Further details on THREE KINGDOMS can be found on the Steam page, here: https://store. Total_War_THREE_KINGDOMS/
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