Games 'Made-In-Africa' Reach The Global Scene During Gamescom Week - News

Before leaving off for the weekend we want to share some interesting news with you all!

Right before Gamescom which takes place later this month in Germany, is going to be Devcom which are going to showcase a few interesting looking Indie developed titles from Africa. Having taken a look and I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for Onizumu.


PARADISE GAME, the preeminent video game company in West Africa, will introduce five independent videogame studios from Africa at the devcom 2018.

ABIDJAN - August 8th, 2018 – For the 10th anniversary of gamescom, during the largest European game convention, several African game developers will participate in devcom, the interdependent game developer conference that will be held from August 19th to August 20th2018 in Cologne, Germany.

Five independent studios coming from different countries and with a different background will make the trip to Cologne. There will be MASSEKA GAME STUDIO that represents Central African Republic, STUDIO LOMAY from Madagascar, MOG MEDIA DESIGN studio from Niger, WEZA INTERACTIVE studio from Kenya, and FRONTFIRE studio from Algeria.

Hosted at Koelnmesse International Fair and Exhibition Center (ail Est), the African game developers will be in a section named "Africa Corner by Paradise Game". This area will be dedicated to video games made in Africa and will offer these developers the opportunity to show their games to industry professionals, as well as to showcase the African culture through their games.

Sidick Bakayoko, Founder and CEO of Paradise Game, said: "Our dream is to have video games as one of the main driver of the African economy, and as a way to employ millions of people throughout the continent. In order to get there, we need a strong ecosystem with game developers from Africa who export their games in the world and gain publicity internationally".

The video game industry generates close to 100 billion dollars worldwide and 27% of these revenues come from mobile games. Africa represents huge potential with 500 Millions Africans who own a mobile phone.

The Video Game industry offers business opportunities to game developers and creates jobs for the African youth. The video game is also a tool that can be used to promote the African culture. Paradise Game has taken up this mission to create a Made in Africa label that offers visibility and exposure.


About Paradise Game

Paradise Game initiated the first major video game and eSport festival in Africa, the FEJA(Festival de L'Electronique et du Jeu vidéo d'Abidjan - (, but also an African TV show named Paradise Game Show dedicated to the industry players.

Article by Pierre-Yves


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