New Features! Special Edition Post

Good Morning Everyone!

This is PY and I would like to wish Nick a happy 5th year of Chalgyr’s Game Room! <- I swear that I am not post hijacking… this is a 10am Special Edition ;)

Now before I get to the good part I have something that I want to say first.

Thank you Nick for bringing me in onto another great team, for granting me access to your site's infrastructure with the hope that I don’t break anything, and for helping me slowly improve my writing. I'm still a novice at all of this in the grand scheme of things.

A thank you also goes out to Matt from Digitally Downloaded for taking a chance on a newbie writer. This chance has meant a lot to me. Thank you.

As a present to Nick, I would like to introduce to everyone the new Review Library. This new library has multiple tabs that each have the ability to be searched and sorted by types. This new library merges all of the reviews regardless of being current, retro, hardware, or other less specific types such as softwares and table top materials.

Also if there is anything, please feel free to spam Nick’s inbox as I have been doing for months now with lots of questions about this or that. Now while I would love to say that this table is now complete that would be a lie as there are other enhancements that I would eventually like to add but those are just extra icing on the cake.

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