Magic 2015 - Garruk's Revenge Expansion - PC Review

Have you found yourself thinking “golly, I sure had a hearty helping of Magic the Gathering from this years Magic 2015 release on Steam, but I could sure go for a nice digestif to wash it all down?” Well Stainless Games and Wizards of the Coast saw that longing look in your eye as they casually slide the dessert menu to you. On special tonight, a $5 expansion pack called Garruk’s Revenge. Promising 5 new campaign levels, dozens of new cards, and a new way of unlocking boosters, it is a mighty tempting offer. But does this offering put the cherry on top, or does it feel like a clown throwing a pie in your face?

There is not much point in beating around the bush here - Magic 2015: Garruk’s Revenge gives you precisely what they describe. Putting you in the role of legendary hunter Garruk, there is an extremely short 5 mission campaign that has you fighting some fairly standard decks. No fancy puzzle matches our double headers like there were in the full game, just some good old fashioned deck on deck fighting.

There’s a tiny twist in your forced, pre-constructed deck in that you have a bit more black in there at the end, but it’s an extremely brief affair that mainly serves to provide booster packs. On the note of “dozens of cards” it looks like the sum total is 51 new ones. For those that enjoyed the custom deck building component, this should add just a few new options from the Alara block.

That tiny bit of additional customization turns out to be one of the most important parts, thanks in part to a relatively undocumented, but noteworthy change to card unlock mechanics. While a paywall sat between you and all of the cards (which, I will note, is still available for anyone looking to get a full set of cards in one transaction), cards can also be unlocked in multiplayer matches. This can serve to bring the overall cost of the game down a bit, for those collection completionists with the patience to play online.

Frankly, there is not much more here, and at such a low price point I can’t say I am all that surprised. New battles, new cards, and a better way to fill out your collection are what you are in for. Nothing in terms of sluggish performance, interface, functionality, or accessibility is altered here - to the point that it feels odd giving a numbered score. It should be noted that those who purchased the premium package previously will receive this update for free, so be sure to launch the base game before buying the expansion!

Review by Parker

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