That feeling of being behind in... everything!

I just cannot seem to get caught up over the last couple of weeks.  And going forward?  I can't imagine it's going to get much better for another week or two.  We have a wedding this weekend, Halloween coming up for our youngest, I am getting sent off in the near future for work for a bit... chaos people, chaos.  That's not to say things are all bad - just busy.  I'm still getting some gaming in, just in smaller doses than I would like.

I have been playing the new Marvel CCG that is made by (and ridiculously similar as) the makers of Rage of Bahamut, advancing in my Madden leagues, pretty much finished with Elemental Monsters HD Online and am trying to get some Halloween action in for a few posts by the end of the month.  One of the games I sunk some time into this weekend was Burn Zombie Burn!

This is a game that starts off entertainingly enough, but really did not hook me for long periods of time.  It's a fairly small game for PlayStation Network (I believe I've seen it on Steam before as well).  Essentially you are fighting off waves of zombies using a primary weapon and then a secondary one that sets zombies on fire.  You wind up holding down that secondary one a lot, as you can rush right through hordes of most of the zombie types without taking damage if you are in the process of setting them on fire.

This can lead to comic levels of flaming zombies, like in the image above, as they wander around still trying to get to you.  There are quite a few different weapons - such as your standard gun, but also chainsaws, baseball bats, machine guns and even more 'zany' weapons like one that makes the zombies break into dance Thriller style.

The graphics are charming ahd the music fits what you are doing, but I found the game somewhat repetitive.  You cannot access different areas until achieving at least a bronze in your current one, so you wind up replaying the same levels over and over quite a bit.  There are some different kinds of zombies, though you usually wind up treating most of them the same.  The exception is the exploding zombie, because if you get too close to him when he goes off, you can get yourself killed, but if he's in a cluster of other zombies, make sure you get him shot or caught on fire and he'll do a lot of the dirty work for you.

The problem I have with the game is that it is all pretty much the same thing.  I work around in a circular pattern in most of the levels, holding down my secondary fire button to catch zombies on fire as I charge through them to the other side of map while making sure I walk over the machine gun power up.

I then hold my ground for as long as I can/until my power up is gone, shooting the mass of flaming zombies and getting tons of combo points.  I then quickly scramble downward and to the opposite side of the screen, setting fire to zombies that get in my way and again setting up shop to shoot the oncoming horde.  Once they get too close, I dart back in the other direction, sticking to a relatively circular route and doing the same basic thing over and over again through 30+ waves of zombies.

The game itself is fun and easy to pick up, but this lack of depth kept me from really enjoying it for any long stretch of time.  If you can get it cheap 9or better yet free as I did with PlayStation Plus some time ago), it's not a bad diversion but there is not enough variety in this title for me to recommend it as a full purchase.


  1. " If you can get it cheap 9or better yet free as I did with PlayStation Plus some time ago), it's not a bad diversion but there is not enough variety in this title for me to recommend it as a full purchase." and your PlayStation Plus offers! YOU WORK FOR SONY! Trying to keep us all incomplete, just keep throwing out free games, to keep me paying $5 or $6 a month... whatever it is! I REFUSE!

    That being said, I do think the "waves of zombies" idea when done well (World at War, and I guess Black Ops... hoping for Black Ops 2 as well), can be a lot of fun.

    On the "exploding zombie" you mentioned, is there a reason they explode... or, do they just explode for no particular reason?

  2. Haha. Can you imagine if I actually worked for a company and got loads of free video games? :P My wife would probably be much happier in that scenario. As it is I haven't purchased a lot of games this year by comparison - having loaded up on a ton of games that seem to take a lot of time to beat, and things like PlayStation Plus which definitely comes at a cost, but also produces a lot of games for me in the meantime (I'm trying to wade through a lot of those currently)

    There's an indicator of why they explode - I'm not sure why. I believe there is even a trophy related to the 'exploding zombie heads' - but this game is REAL light on the storyline. Basically, you're a guy w/ ridiculous hair, running around killing zombies that come after you endlessly :P


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