And the weekend is over...

Hopefully you all had a nice weekend.  As usual my weekend had some gaming goodness in it.  Having ground to something of a halt in all three of my Madden 13 leagues (just seriously having a tough time keeping the people who are playing them with me as active as I am), I had to settle for the Lions winning in real life yesterday in overtime against the Eagles.  Frustrating first few quarters, exciting finish - I'll take it.

As a result, I played up quite a few other games.  Rage of Bahamut has a new event going right now, and I've been playing quite a bit of Guardian Cross as well.  I posted a review of that game on Digitally Downloaded somewhat recently and will post it here as well this week.  Square Enix did a very good job coming up with an addictive CCG game in my opinion.

I logged a lot more time with Magic: The Gathering on Friday night as well, speaking of CCG's.  I finally beat all of the campaign modes, including the harder Revenge version, having unlocked every deck the week before.  I also went online and won a handful of games with my shiny Exalted Deck.  Seriously: Sublime Angel for the win on the video game as well as in real life, as she got me two of my wins last week playing the card game with my friends.

Staying with the CCG thought for just a bit, I've logged quite a bit of time with Elemental Monsters Online HD since I nabbed it as a PlayStation Plus title some months ago.  I like the game, but the card collection and development side of it is a bit underwhelming.  In the end, while the core mechanics are nicely done, the lack of dpeth or anything terribly new now over my last thirty matches or so is starting to drag a bit for me.

I spent a bit of time on my MUD, working on some things for New Year when we introduce some new zones, code and mechanics to the game for our players.  I'll likely be posting a bit more about that as it draws closer.  I also logged a bit of time with some smaller PlayStation Plus games I had acquired, but not played much yet - nabbing some quick trophies in The Simpsons Arcade Game and Burn Zombie Burn!  Simpsons was a fun game years ago, but playing it now, it is a beat 'em up that is really lacking any kind of depth.  Burn Zombie Burn is actually similar in that right at first, it seems like there is a lot going on, but the game itself feels rather shallow once you start to get into it.  I'll give longer breakdowns on the above games shortly.

I have been enjoying War of the Roses, and expect I will have a review on that one shortly.  When I was done playing Magic: The Gathering that night/morning (I played MTG until about 2am, War of the Roses until 4am) I picked up War of the Roses and gained a few more levels and unlocked a couple of custom classes to fiddle around with.

White Knight Chronicles 2 just has not hooked me the way I hoped it would.  I really enjoyed the first game, but am finding the sequel to be a bit less exciting.  I'm just about done with it, but it has almost begun to feel like a chore at this point.  As someone who usually beats the games he starts to play, the fact that I'm considering not bothering to finish this one is probably a bad indication.  If I still had my original saves from the first game to import into this one, it might not have been as bad.  This game is very grind-heavy to get your levels up higher though, and my save from the original game died with the PlayStation 3 I had been playing it on a few years ago.

So, we will see if I get around to finishing White Knight Chronicles 2 or not, but in the meantime started to play Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel.  I picked it up some time ago, so I figured I am overdue to give this one a go and see if it holds my interest any better than White Knight has been.

So, how was your weekend?  Taking on any new games?  Any of them disappoint you like I have been with White Knight Chronicles 2? 



  1. Worked on Chrono Trigger over the weekend. I say "worked" because I have been wandering around aimlessly for a while now, and "work" is just what it feels like. Hope it picks up soon! Or I hope I can finally discover what to do next soon!

    Also played Metroid Prime 2, which I had abandoned for a few weeks after I got stuck. Well, it's amazing what taking a break can do for your gaming, because I got unstuck easily enough when I finally picked it up again. Guess I could try to apply that concept to Chrono Trigger!

  2. Played some more Punch-Out!! over the weekend, and was destroyed about 50 rounds by Bear Hugger. After beating him, I attempted a few more matches Great Tiger next. Still on Great Tiger.

    I also played some more LEGO Pirates over the weekend, finished the first "movie" in it, and it's been a lot of fun, and showing me how rusty I am with the LEGO games! I keep forgetting to switch my characters, and I'll run around an area for like 15 minutes hitting random objects before I realize it's another figure that has the ability I need to use...

    I'm trying to get through my "unopened" games these next few weeks, and LEGO Pirates was sitting here since July, and I have at least two more unopened Wii games to finish before the Wii U hits...not counting my PS3 games stacking up, or my PC titles now.

    I played a bit of Rage of the Gladiator over the weekend as well, and last Thursday I believe, I started up Double Dragon. Made it to Chapter 2 so far. Then, the typical Mario games with Bean 1, currently in World 5 in New Super Mario Bros. Wii with him.

  3. Good morning - thanks for dropping by!

    I hear you on the unopened/unplayed games. I have several I'm eying right now. Sadly, I may even have Pirates for my PS3 as well, and can't even recall. I think I bought it for my youngest a few months ago... but am not entirely sure. Part of the reason I have not been buying very many games of late - I just can't seem to keep up. How are you liking Double Dragon so far?

    I remember Tiger being a serious pain for me for whatever reason. It's all about pattern recognition and reflexes with that game, but Great Tiger gave me fits.

    I remember that problem with the Star Wars LEGO games - not realizing I probably just needed a different 'ability' at that stage. Good times.

  4. Good morning, Holly.

    You know, I probably need to apply that bit of advice to myself. I have run into that problem before also. Sort of a catch-22 in that you may realize you missed something in an adventure or RPG game, but that tactic doesn't work as well for me in more reflex-based games like shooters or fighters because I struggle to get back into the groove of using the controls well right at first.

    Chrono Trigger... I so need to play that again. I have the PSOne version downloaded to my ps3, my son has it for his DS, I haven't actually played it since the... SNES version? A very long time ago. Loved the game as I recall, but it's been yeeeears. Good luck, and thanks for dropping in!


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