Orcs Must Die 2! - Fire and Water Booster DLC Review

This week has not been kind to me in terms of free time.  Here's hoping the weekend goes a bit more smoothly.  Any plans of your own for the weekend?

I was a huge fan of Orcs Must Die! 2 when it came out.  I knocked a lot of those ornery little buggers off and lost quite a bit more sleep than I had ever intended.  The blend of tower defense strategy and third person action really sat well with me, as did the spirit of experimentation.  There are just so many delightful traps for proper orc dismemberment, and their upgrades can be a ton of fun.

So when I heard that there was an expansion coming out called Fire and Water, I had to at least take a crack at it.  So what does it come with?  You gain a trio of maps, endless mode maps and traps.  There are also two new enemy types and a new reward/achievement.  It is nice to see a little of everything sprinkled in there for about five dollars.  Compared to say, a Call of Duty map pack, that is a pretty good deal, but we are talking about an expansion that rings in at one third of the full priced game. 

I was asked by a couple of people if I thought this pack would be worth the buy.  I think it comes down to how fond you are of the base game and how you feel about packs like this.  Part of what makes Orcs Must Die! 2 such a good buy is the sheer amount of content for the price you are paying.  While the new goodies are nice additions, I think casual fans of the game might come away disappointed in the amount of content.  The new creatures are interesting and I did like the additional traps to play with, but you can get through this content pretty quickly.

If you are a diehard fan of the series, and you are still actively playing the game and want to see see more ways to kill orcs and their friends?  Then this is not such a bad deal, especially when you consider the price of both the game and expansion comes out to only twenty dollars, which is a far cry better than a lot of games you could spend triple that on.

For me?  I am more than glad to have had the chance to play it, but unless there is a steam sale that packages the two together for a discounted price, you might prefer to pick up the primary title first and then see if it alone quenches the need to slaughter some more orc hordes.



  1. "This week has not been kind to me in terms of free time. Here's hoping the weekend goes a bit more smoothly. Any plans of your own for the weekend?"

    This whole last month has been nuts. Work has been absolutely stupid with the schedule, and not in good ways.

    " but unless there is a steam sale"
    WHY would you wish that upon anybody right now? A Steam sale is the LAST thing I need.

    I am trying my best to hold off on more games until the Wii U launch, and deciding what I'm doing there. I have A LOT of Steam games currently, I haven't touched yet because of the Humble Bundle sales, and even the Steam Summer Sale.

    I'm trying to clear inventory in October, before the November/December madness hits.

    I will say though, I definitely like what I have seen/read on on OMD2, and even Torchlight II has my attention right now.

  2. Torchlight II does look good. I only played the original in small doses, but enjoyed it. I hear you on trying to clear out some backlog. I've been trying, but getting almost nowhere lately. just as well - I'll spend less over christmas. "You already OWN 50 games kids. Play those."

    And in reference to the start of your comment? Right there with you on the Work stuff, with an added dose of my son goofed up my PC a bit. :p that's coming up in a post shortly heh


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