Busy weekend, probably a busy week

Well, I definitely got some gaming in over the weekend.  That was the good news.  The bad news?  My son may have picked up something very not cool on my PC at home.  This morning there was some annoying error message about how my PC couldn't be verified and I'd have to reinstall Win 7, which is obviously pretty shady to begin with, but on top of that most of the functions on it are now running doggedly slow.  Poor kid - I'm annoyed with him, but he sorta knew he was in trouble too.  He was sitting on the couch looking like he was either sick, or someone kicked a cat, and he's like:

You're going to want to see the error up on your computer.

Considering how little I use that PC lately, he didn't even try brushing it off as something someone else might have done.  For about the last 3 months, it's been 95% him.  Amusingly, I did use it some Saturday, but only for a pair of Steam games.  So, I suspect I'll be spending some time this evening trying to smooth THAT mess out.  So I'm plugging this article together on a far less effective laptop for the time-being.

So, how about those games this weekend?

Lots of gaming.  First and foremost?  I finally beat Dragon's Dogma.  I should have a review up soon, but my overall impressions were favorable, if not amazed.  A lot of small bits and pieces taken from other games, with a storyline that did very little original until the very end.

I got some more Madden in - just online franchises.  I love the mode, but waiting on others does sometimes irk me a bit.  Especially if you can't seem to find a time to play that person.  I finally just set myself up to advance so that one of my matches could go forward, but now the other player has to do the same.  We're scheduled to play each other right now, but I haven't gotten any response from the player himself when trying to schedule a time. 

I fiddled with a handful of PSN Games, Rugby 2011, Double Dragon: Neon, Pure Chess and Bejeweled 2 to pass some time.

I also logged in couple of hours with Mass Effect 3's online multiplayer.  I completed my personal goal for the bonus weekend of a full extraction in under 20 minutes, so here's hoping that the community goal was also a success.  They are releasing more free multiplayer content this week and I for one have been really impressed at the way they have been keeping this mode active so far.

I recently reviewed Rage of Bahamut and still am playing that quite a bit - they have an event going through the end of today that has nabbed me some decent cards.  If anyone's interested in playing that at some point, let me know - I'll pass along my referral code.  Similar to that is Guardian Cross by Square Enix - another CCG style game (that also uses referral codes).  I believe both games can be played on iOS and Android, though I've only tried them out on iOS devices (iPads 1 & 3 and iPhone 4).

I have also had a chance to spend some time with War of the Roses on Saturday (you know, before my PC took a dive), and really was unsure what to expect going in.  At first it felt rather frustrating, but the more I played it, the more I liked it.  It sort of reminds me of Battlefield or Black Ops - War of the Roses is an online only made with deathmatch and king of the hill style modes, but using medieval equipment (bows, crossbows, polearms, swords, etc).  You can unlock new classes as you progress in levels, and you earn coins for doing things in the game too, which can be used to purchase various weapons, perks and armor.  I hope to get some more time with it in the very near future, but the game has really grown on me.

Also, Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 has an expansion out now, coinciding with the new Return to Ravnica card set that just released.  I will be getting my first taste of the actual cards this evening when I play with my coworkers, whom all picked up a couple of boosters each (I have so far held strong - Christmas is coming, so I'll be living vicariously through their purchases for a bit).  The expansion offers five new decks to play with, but I haven't had a chance to try them out just yet.  I don't know if it's a bug or intentional, but when I played the game after adding my extension code, my campaign reset to brand new.  I had none of my unlocked content, though I still had loads of Steam achievements and global ranks.  Not sure what happened there.  That said, the new decks look interesting, with some focus on multi-color, which was one of my laments from the game's initial release (only 1 player deck had multiple colors in it).

So, how was your weekend?


  1. Actually the same thing happened to MY laptop not too long ago, the whole 'Your Windows 7 is not official' whatever, I still haven't sorted it out, I don't really care :p

    My weekend in terms of gaming was playing SNES games actually! I grew up on the PS1 generation and I felt like it could be interesting to experiment a bit so I got an emulator, played Donkey Kong Country and didn't really like it, played Yoshi's Island and LOVED it (still play ofc) and I'm way too bad at Starfox...

  2. I went to a real football game, BYU (Brigham Young University) vs. USU (Utah State University, my school!) at BYU. I don't really like football, but my family are all BYU fans, so when they decided to go to that, I went to see them...and to cheer on my team, mostly for the sake of opposing my brothers to see what would happen. Final score, BYU 6, USU 3. Pretty much the most boring game I've ever watched, made doubly boring by my indifference to the sport.

    On the gaming front, I got my roommate to play MotoHeroz next night and, in so doing, discovered she is quite competitive. But that's what made it fun. :)

  3. It's been a looong time since I've been to a football game. My wife doesn't really care for sports much, but she actually seems to enjoy going to games. She surprised me with some great tickets to a Pistons game last year and she had almost as much fun as I did.

    Glad you discovered your roomie's competitive side. Sort of reminds me of when I finally got my wife to try Guitar Hero 3 and she wouldn't put it down. Once she got the hang of it and beat a couple of my scores, she wanted to beat them all :P

    Thanks for dropping by to comment!

  4. I don't think the Win 7 error itself bugs me as much as the really, REALLY slow nature of the computer all of a sudden. Not sure what it is, processes aren't really showing anything out of whack, but it takes a good 30-60 seconds for a right-click to pop up the context menus despite a couple of reboots. Good times!

    Hahah - SNES games eh? I was actually more of a Sega Genesis guy during that time, though I eventually picked up an SNES too. There are some really solid games on there though. I liked a lot of the RPG's, personally.

    Glad you stopped in - thanks!

  5. "I fiddled with a handful of PSN Games, Rugby 2011, Double Dragon: Neon, Pure Chess and Bejeweled 2 to pass some time."

    You should record the fiddling with the PSN games, I bet that could be a YouTube hit. "Fiddler beats PSN games, while playing sick beat!"

    Our weekend wasn't super busy, and we did get some gaming in. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean being the main one between me and Mrs. Coffee, as well as a little New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

    Not sure if you have watched The Walking Dead or not, but we are up to speed with the seasons on Netflix so far as of this last weekend as well.

  6. I've seen bits and pieces of Walking Dead. My wife really likes it, but we have an odd relationship with TV. She loves it and watches a lot of different shows on netflix and hulu in our bedroom, and I almost never watch any of it (If I'm in front of a TV, I am usually playing a game). So she'll watch stuff into the wee hours and I'll sometimes be awake and see bits and pieces here and there.

    I haven't picked up Lego Pirates yet. It looks cute, and is one of the few we haven't nabbed so far.

    As to your initial joke - not sure if I'd be better off trying to play the fiddle or the games with my feet, but clearly I'd need some extra hands. :P

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  8. "I almost never watch any of it (If I'm in front of a TV, I am usually playing a game)"

    You sound like me. I can't really "watch" stuff. If I sit to watch, I usually pass out in about 2 minutes (if that!). Like right now, as I'm typing this comment I have about 15 tabs open (no joke), and I'm "watching" the Dick Van Dyke Show on Netflix. That's how I usually "watch" shows. I'll play them next to me, "hear" them, and glance over every once in a while if I hear something that catches my attention.

    So, if anything, you should "watch" The Walking Dead like I have done...or start the games and then convince me and Robert to buy them (we don't need much convincing at this point, I don't think).

  9. LOL - what's bad is due to all the shows my wife watches, I get just bits and pieces of various shows, so I know just enough to have a very basic conversation about a lot of different programs, but not enough to really delve into a discussion.

    And yeah, I really should do both - watch the show and make use of my Walking Dead episodes. I've actually been beating on a handful of my PS+ games I hadn't gotten to yet over the weekend, so if that trend continues, I may be playing walking dead here soon

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