New Layout for Chalgyr's Game Room

So, I got bored at lunch, and this is what happens.  Hope you like the new layout - I think the slideshow at the top looks cool (I freely admit I got the idea from Digitally Downloaded and Otaku Gaming's layout) and added a tabbed interface on the right sidebar to make it easier to find things instead of a single very long bar that never ends.  Still going with light on dark - not everyone's favorite but just a style I've been using for things like my MUD and personal websites for about 15 years now.  I tried going dark text on lighter background - just didn't feel like 'me'. :)

Let me know if you have any suggestions, any items that just really annoy you, some things you like.  I'm toying with the idea of changing my header quite a bit.  I'm definitely curious what people think.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The layout seems to pop a bit more and the slider looks great, so I'd say you got something here.

    P.S. Light on dark is fine with me, I have no preference either way.

  2. Lovin it! :D Light on dark is my preference personally :)

  3. Love this layout. Clean and classy :)

    Light on dark works well, too. Makes your site look different to plenty of other sites out there, which is really important :)

  4. Sexy new look, man :D!



  5. Thanks everyone - really appreciating the feedback. no doubt I'll continue to tweak a few things here and there (and would love to ditch the labels from my post previews but haven't had any luck on that front yet). :) Most posts forthcoming - as always thanks for stopping by!

  6. Looks awesome Chalgyr! It really suits the site!

  7. Late to the party here, but I like the look and layout with all the "stuff" over to the right. The post-preview slider thing on the main page is pretty cool too.

  8. Awesome - no problems commenting late - I just appreciate the feedback. Overall, it's been really positive and I'm really happy with it. Thanks!

  9. *arrives late to the party

    Better late, than never...right?!

    I like it, it seems streamlined. The text color/background has never been an issue...unless it's one of those weird bright yellow-ish colors (seen it on a few sites here and there), which takes my eyes forever to process.


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