Mass Effect 3 - bonus experience this weekend!

One of my favorite parts about Mass Effect 3 has been the multiplayer.  I am really digging it, and have already gotten around level 15 with all of the available classes.  Yes.  I plan to hit the level 20 cap with all of them.  And now this weekend, Bioware has helped me get that much closer to my goal.

This weekend is a being called Operation Raptor and the Bounty Weekend comes with some nice perks.  For one, all players get a 10% bonus to their experienced earned.  On top of that, you can get some Victory and Commendation Packs for meeting these goals:

Allied Goal: Promote 150,00 Characters

If all of the gamers across the world hit 150,000 level 20 characters, anyone who participates can get a Victory Pack reward.

Individual Goal: Promote 2 Characters

Anyone who gets to level 20 with two characters will get a Commendation Pack as a reward

Interesting note - I did not realize that these were not available on the PlayStation 3, which is a bummer to say the least.  Currently only PC and Xbox 360 players get to participate in these events, though Bioware states that they are still working with Sony to try and make sure this can happen for PlayStation players.  An extra note is to make sure that in settings, you have Upload Gameplay Feedback on, in order to actually participate in this event.

I have been enjoying these bounty weekends so far, and admit that both of the last two Saturdays I meant to plug a lot more time into the single player mode than I did, and wound up doing a ton of multiplayer instead.  What about you?  Anyone else a big fan of the multiplayer?  What do you like or dislike?  I have most of my thoughts together in notes for next Friday's Mass Effect 3 review (it's going to be large - is that a good thing, or do too many words in one review make your eyes glaze over?)


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  1. I made some great use of this today - and got 2 characters promoted and leveled the others a bit to boot. :)


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