MonkeyPaw Games making use of the Kickstarter trend

I am a huge RPG fan.  I play a bit of everything from sports to platformer to action-adventure to strategy... but I spend more time with RPG games than anything out there.  Whether that is a Western RPG like Skyrim or Mass Effect, or a J-RPG like the Final Fantasy games, I find myself enjoying those titles more than anything.

MonkeyPaw Games has excelled in bringing titles to the west with quality translation, testing and publishing despite some of the risks associated with them.  I am currently playing, and loving, Vanguard Bandits, and their collection of games includes titles ranging from BurgerTime World Tour, to Rapid Angel to Galaxy Fight to Arc the Lad and Alundra to name a few.

Now they are trying to get a kickstarter to bring Class of Heroes II to the PSP, a system that is still selling quite well and is home to a ton of quality RPG titles.  The ideas for a deluxe version of Class of Heroes II sounds great as well, so if you have an interest seeing titles like this brought over, here is the page where MonkeyPaw Games states their case - quiet effectively I believe.  Share it with others because even if you can't contribute yourself, you may find someone else who can and will.


  1. And what a good cause this is. It saddens me that they haven't raised more money yet :(

  2. Agreed, but I figure what sites like ours can do is try to get the word out at least.

  3. I totally agree with you. Games is best way to get relax in this busy life. Monkey Paw Games is interesting and enjoyable game for every one. Its too fantastic.


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