Quick shout-out - 8-Bit Variety Show

I was already trying to figure out if there was a way to get a bit more traffic over to the 8-Bit Variety Show. I don't usually listen to podcasts (and by 'usually' I mean: I've listened to like 4 ever in my life) - but BitNick has posted 4 podcasts to his blog and I've been enjoying them quite a bit. Sure, he plugged my blog on his most recent podcast, but I was already hoping to get a few more people over there and listening. He's got a forum here as well for feedback on the site.

His writing is funny, and I think the podcasts have been entertaining as well. Give it a listen, pay a visit and give the guy some feedback - I know he'll appreciate it and so will I. :)

- Chalgyr ("Ch"urch, "al" Bundy, "gyr" like a growl, grrrrr) hehe


  1. Hey, man!

    Thanks for the shout-out! As school becomes part of my past, I'm really hoping that The 8-Bit Variety Show becomes more of my future, so sharing readers/listeners is always a welcome tactic coming from a colleague.

    In any case, I think that my bribes to "Chalgyr LLC" have paid off handsomely...


  2. ROFL - No problem at all. There's a handful of sites like yours, Digitally Downloaded, Coffee, Incomplete Gamer - just good people, good pages, so I figure if they interest me, hopefully they'll interest others too. Good luck with getting School in the rear view mirror soon. It's quite a load off of the old mind. :)


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