Beneath a Steel Sky - PC Review

This is an old game, and not one I would have picked up on my own, but it was given to me for free when I signed up with Good Old Games ( a while back. As I was playing through some of my games in alphabetical order (that's where the Bob Came in Pieces review originated from too), I ran into this click-and-point adventure.

With a game this old, and honestly limited, I don't really think I need to break it down into its four technical aspects. I mean, the graphics I imagine were average at best for back then, but by today's standards are poor. The audio is actually decent - there's some interesting music and a handful of sound effects to go along with what you are doing.

There's a certain charm to the game and its story that reminds me of the old point-and-click games I played when I was younger. The puzzles were pretty basic for the most part, and I don't recall getting stuck on any one part for too long. It seems like I beat the game in a very short period of time. Also, there's no real incentive to replay the game as the storyline is very linear and once you have completed it, there are no alternate endings or anything like that.

There are definitely better places to get your retro game fix I think. This is a game genre that is almost completely gone today, and that is a shame, but I just don't feel like this particular title holds up that well even against other games from its era.

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