Gaming thoughts 12/15/11 - Lots of Gaming

Here is one few people will feel sorry for me on - but it's hard to keep up with all those nice big games lately, isn't it? And with Christmas right around the corner, more will be rolling in, I assure you. Not that I don't already play too much (and some people like Coffee seem to believe I am a game tester for a living), but now that witner's settling in and I have some time off courtesy of work for the holidays, I plan to buckle down and play some more titles.

What have I been playing? Well, other than

Xbox 360:

- Risen
- Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition (this in and of itself has several games in it)
- Castle Crashers


- Lunar (just an rpg to poke at when I'm in bed)


- Neverwinter Nights 2
- Grotesque Tactics 2
- Gyromancer
- King's Bounty - Crossworlds
- Neverwinter Nights 2


- Record of Agarest War
- Hydrophobia: Prophecy
- Several different PlayStation Minis
- Heavy Rain

On top of all that, I have been poking at my barely-breathing RPG Maker project, Summoner and my MUD as we usually have some holiday themed shenanigans on there for the players to participate in.

One question I have - I could post more blog posts, and have been scheduling them about every 3 days for the last several months. Is that pace good enough, or do people want to see them more often? The reason I'm unsure is because I went through a phase where I was doing posts every day, sometimes even a few a day, I got almost no comments during that period. I'm not sure if maybe I just had too much content for people to keep up with or not. Many times though, I have blog posts scheduled out a couple of weeks in advance, so I could definitely post more frequently if there was an interest.

Next question - what have you been playing? Do you have a glut of games forming a considerable backlog for you? I can't even begin to list them all out. While I do work for a software company, it is not Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega or Bioware - I just don't sleep a whole lot. Why? Too many games to play...


  1. I've given up any hope of ever getting through my backlog ;-)

    Right now I'm playing the Warriors games, and the massive number of 3DS games I've recently come by (especially with the ten GBA ambassador games now sitting there as well).

    I've also just been sent a copy of Goldeneye Reloaded 007, which I can't wait to get into.

    There goes my Christmas :-)

    BTW - how are you finding Dragon Age? It's my favourite WRPG ever, after Morrowind and Dungeons and Dragons: Wake of the Ravager, and one of the very, very few I've completed more than once.

  2. @Games - I know how you feel about the backlog. I think I'm going to avoid buying too many new games for the next half a year (with exception to Mass Effect 3 'cause I love the series) - I still have a handful of titles that were on the backlog from around Christmas -Last- year I realized the other night.

    Sounds like you have a few titles left to dig into - and Goldeneye should be a treat.

    I love Dragon Age. :) I've played it before, did some reviews on it, but I had gotten it used, so I missed some of the content, and didn't have any of the addons. So when I got Ultimate Edition for my birthday, I was pretty excited because now I'm getting to do more of the side stuff. I've done two of the addons already, and am probably about 85% of the way through the primary quest. Then I'll do the other 2 addons and finally replay Awakening. :)


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