Gaming thoughts... Holiday Games - Part 2

So, I posed the question a bit ago asking if any game-related content was acquired (or received) for the holidays. We used to have really, really small Christmas Days several years ago. I was going to school, making minimum wage with some kids - not a recipe for lots of presents. Since then? We try to spoil a bit more around the holidays - especially since our younger 2 have birthdays right around the holiday. We did really well for the munchkins on that front I think (yay for my promotion earlier this year and a nice Christmas bonus from work, plus my wife doing well with her online business), so here it is:

My oldest is not much of a gamer, but she loves the Kingdom Hearts series, so I picked up the Game Boy Advance game for her DS Lite, since she has never gotten to play that particular game. She has also gotten interested in the storylines of Bioshock and Zelda titles due to her girlfriend who is a big gamer and loves both series of games. As such, I picked up Bioshock 1 for the PS3 and Zelda: Twilight Princess for her. She's also quite fond of the Sims games, so I snagged her Sims 3 for her DS.

My youngest still loves Pokemon above all, so I have some cards coming to her on that front. She is also a huge fan of Little Big Planet. I got her part 2 - though as a birthday present (her birthday is 2 days after Christmas). I also nabbed her Lego Batman (she loves the Lego games). On top of that? Well, with the fact her birthday is right next to Christmas, she is getting spoiled a bit, with a green DSi, a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game, Pokemon Black and Epic Mickey.

My son's the biggest gamer of the group - by far. For his birthday, which is in a couple of weeks, I'm going to set him up with a Steam account, and probably get him a couple of games for it. Knowing him, they'll be FPS like Left for Dead 2 or killing floor. He knows this is coming. I picked him up a title on Black Friday he wanted too, but since he is the only member of my house to actually ever read my blog? Can't post that just yet here (even though he very rarely reads it, I don't want to chance it). I'll reveal that one in a couple of weeks. Odd are by then, he'll have picked up one or two more games with his birthday and Christmas cash (my guess? he'll pick up Modern Warfare 3 on the PS3).

For Christmas itself though, he got Battlefield 3, Batman Arkham City, Chrono Trigger for the DS, Golden Sun for the DS and Bioshock 2 for the PS3.

Any fun games or toys to report from readers? :)


  1. Wow, Chalgyr! You're just the type of Dad that I want to be! Sadly, Little Bit isn't old enough to play games for at least a few more Christmases, but hopefully I'll be able to spoil him, game-wise, then.

    Funny enough, I got very few actual games for Christmas (not counting the ones that I got for myself, but that is a post unto itself), but I did get one thing that was game-RELATED: I got the Professor Layton movie! I am a huge fan of the Professor Layton games, and just couldn't resist the urge to get it.

    Anyway, glad it was a good one! Hope everything goes well for your son's birthday surprise.


  2. I agree with BitNick on the dad part, especially with how both of mine have their birthdays near Christmas as well. Sounds like you keyed in on exactly the kinds of things they would really like.

    On another note: can you adopt me for next year? :D

    Well, no need to re-iterate pats of my latest blog post, but I did pick up Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins yesterday. Only played a few minutes, but it's pretty good so far.

  3. Mornin' guys. :)

    @BitNick - Thanks! It's fun watching them play games - my son in particular. He started off playing Final Fantasy and platforming games (kid's reading level has always been off the charts - I joke it's because he tried to keep up w/ the Final Fantasy storylines) - but seeing him and his tastes evolve over the years (he's now huge into FPS) has been fun. My dad played Tetris, and that was about it. My son? He's actually gotten better than me at some games, which is both oddly rewarding and annoying :P

    I knew you liked the music from Professor Layton, but I've yet to play any of the games - didn't even realize there was a movie - so that's cool to learn about and that you got it!

    @Robert - ROFL! There's a lot of chores involved with being my kid, you've been warned... ;) Haven't seen much on Super Mario Land 2 yet, so definitely going to be keeping an eye out on your impressions.

    Thanks for dropping in guys!

  4. On second thought I'm not up for chores. Got enough as is. dang!

  5. ROFL - yeah, I'm pretty strict on that front. Have a whole chore chart by day, with 3 per kid laid out, plus 'bonus' once they can do for extra tv time. :P

    I mean, isn't that why we have kids? So they can grow up to do the chores I don't wanna do? LOL


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