Learn More About Flotsam by Stray Fawn Studios!

Zurich, Switzerland - Jan 17th, 2024 - Stray Fawn, the indie game studio behind The Wandering Village, has announced the third game in its publishing lineup. Flotsam, the floating garbage town survival game, is a must-sea. Scavenge what precious garbage you can from the ocean's surface and grow your city while doing your best to survive in this colorful post-apocalyptic world. Flotsam is set to make its highly anticipated 1.0 release in the summer of 2024.

Stray Fawn joined the indie publishing fray in March 2023 with their first partnered game Earth of Oryn, a medieval kingdom-builder, followed shortly after by the flying city-builder Airborne Empire in June 2023. Both games have reached 50,000 wishlists on Steam and are expected to launch later this year. With Flotsam, developed by the award-winning Belgian studio Pajama Llama, as the third game in their publishing lineup, Stray Fawn are further strengthening their commitment towards city-builders.

Flotsam launched into Early Access in September 2019 and has been constantly improved and expanded thanks to valuable player feedback. Stray Fawn will assist Pajama Llama with the long-awaited 1.0 release of the game this summer which will add controller support, new content, an improved tutorial as well as a long awaited story ending to the game.

Flotsam is a cheerful and relaxing survival town-builder in a flooded world. The player oversees a group of drifters navigating a polluted ocean on their mobile floating town.

Search for garbage to recycle into wonky workshops and desalinators, providing drifters with fresh water and shelter. Craft pollution washers to clean food and prevent disease and keep drifters happy.

Flotsam aims to create an ever-changing world, featuring diverse biomes and landmarks.  Traverse the dynamic environment while managing power via fossil or sustainable generators. Balance town weight and footprint to maneuver past submerged viaducts, mysterious ruins of cities and polluted forests. Seek help from stranded seagulls, refugees and specialist drifters to thrive in this feel-good apocalypse!

Flotsam Features:

  • Recycle trash from the flooded world to build your mobile floating town.

  • Maneuver your town through ocean obstacles in a randomized feel-good-apocalypse world.

  • Keep your drifters healthy by creating shelter and collecting fresh water and food.

  • Manage drifter morale by cleaning polluted food and decorating the town.

  • Befriend seagulls and search for specialists to enhance your town with farms, tugboats, med pods and desalinators.

  • Colorful 3D art style with hand-painted and outlined textures.