Atari Reintroduces a ‘90s Pinball Classic — The Balls of Steel are Back!

Now Available on Steam, Jump Back Into the Golden Era Action and Go Balls’a’Blazin! 

New York, NY (January 30, 2024) - Atari® — one of the world's most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers — is delighted to announce the re-release of the legendary 1990s pinball classic, Balls of Steel, now available to purchase on Steam. This fully updated and optimized re-release invites players to get their flippers flapping and go ball-istic once more!

Whether you’re a pinball wizard or a first-timer, Balls of Steel offers an experience that’s as electrifyingly fun as it is nostalgic. Despite its modern appearance and improvements, Balls of Steel retains its golden-era magic with classic visuals and sound effects. Players will enjoy all of the classic tables, in addition to two brand-new tables introduced by Atari with the re-release: Centipede and Missile Command

Playable pinball tables include: 

  • Darkside: Set on a remote space station under attack by alien creatures.
  • Barbarian: A medieval fantasy quest with a huge dragon on the table.
  • Firestorm: A mad bomber is sowing chaos in a dystopian U.S. city.
  • Mutation: An accident in a secret science lab has unleashed a massive, slimy monster.  
  • Devil’s Island: Forget fantasy island; this is a nightmare island with lava, deadly creatures, and voodoo.
  • Centipede: Blast through waves of garden pests in this recreation of the Atari arcade classic.
  • Missile Command: Defend your city from incoming missile attacks and killer satellites.

Originally debuted at E3 1997, Balls of Steel set a new standard for video game pinball. The classic game added edge, attitude, and style to a genre dominated by familiar sights and sounds. Media of the era sang high praise for Balls of Steel, calling it “the best PC pinball game ever,” and complimented the deeply realistic and immersive gameplay by promising “guaranteed sleepless nights.” Balls of Steel rose to worldwide prominence as one of the most fun and compelling pinball experiences of its time.
Balls of Steel is now available on Steam for Windows PC for $8.99, and is compatible with keyboard and mouse or gamepad controls. Learn more at the official website.

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Article by: Susan N.



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