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Puzzle Galaxy by developer and publisher Naptime GamesNintendo Switch review written by Susan N. with a copy provided by the publisher.

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Puzzle Galaxy is a jigsaw puzzle game developed and published by Naptime Games. It is available on the Nintendo Switch and is suitable for all ages. Puzzle Galaxy contains a lot of nice pictures to assemble ranging from space to steampunk. It features a unique puzzle piece organization method and a multiplayer mode! Also, Puzzle Galaxy is a game that perfectly kills several hours of time and I found myself pleasantly surprised.


Puzzle Galaxy is free to play game that is easy to play and can be expanded through DLCs. There are different themed scenarios to progress through like space, steampunk, animals, and beautiful views. Once players choose the jigsaw puzzle they want to complete, they can choose the number of puzzle pieces. Each level can be completed with 6, 15, 28, 40, 56, 60, 96, and 150 pieces depending on the desired level of difficulty. Now, one might argue that the maximum puzzle size is *only* 150 pieces, but consider the platform. The Nintendo Switch is restricted by its small screen which is especially true for the Nintendo Switch Lite.

What makes this puzzle game unique is it only gives a few pieces at a time. Instead of having trays to separate the pieces, allowing a few pieces at a time makes the experience easier. Another noticeable difference between Puzzle Galaxy and other jigsaw games is there is no option to rotate the pieces which simplify the experience to make it more accessible to a wider audience.

Pros and Cons

While I enjoy Puzzle Galaxy, there are some pros and cons to the video game. Although, there are very few issues with the game.

On the positive side are things like it’s graphically pleasing with cartoonish images that are nice, it's fun for all ages, and the UI is fairly intuitive. And one of the best features of Puzzle Galaxy is the ability to complete puzzles with a friend. The multiplayer function is available on the same Switch, but is fun to play!

On the negative side are elements like when a puzzle loads, the controls are displayed but unfortunately vanish from the screen too quickly and there aren’t more puzzles available to start with. The only other issue I have with the game is found on the start menu. Most games allow movement through options with the analog stick. Puzzle Galaxy doesn't operate the same way. The 'A' button starts the game, the plus button accesses the settings menu, and the left button opens the multiplayer mode. While these minor grievances don’t alter the enjoyment of the game, they are noticeable enough to be obvious.


Overall, Puzzle Galaxy is a great game for the whole family. It has a solid foundation, is graphically pleasing, and excellent for killing a couple of hours of time. It’s great to occupy the kids while going through day-to-day tasks. It’s certainly not a game-breaking title, but it does have a multiplayer feature that supports up to two players. We highly recommend picking up a copy for the Nintendo Switch.

Score: 8 / 10


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