Dyson Sphere Program Getting First Major Update on January 20th!

Developed by Youthcat Studio, published by Gamera Game, the factory simulator Sci-Fi game Dyson Sphere Program will celebrate the 1st anniversary of its release. A major update called The Icarus’ Evolution and discount will be available on January 20th. Youthcat Studio revealed the main features of the upcoming update.

Dyson Sphere System Features:

The Dyson sphere system and the editing interface for sphere designs have been completely remade in this update. Some new features will be added including:

- Hiding the Dyson sphere by layer;

- Dyson sphere blueprint system will be added;

- Optimization of Dyson shell.

Mecha Customization

As the core content of the update, a mecha customization editor is added. The editor is feature-rich and gives players a high degree of freedom to design their mecha, allowing them to customize the appearance of Icarus' directly in great detail.

Advanced Mining Machine

Advanced mining machines will also be implemented in this update. It will be more convenient for players to decide mining location. Meanwhile, mining speed will also be greatly improved.

Spray coater and Proliferator

Spray coater, Proliferator (was previously known as Accelerator), along with other items and functions that significantly improve the efficiency of the production line will be found in this major update. Players will be able to experiment with more diverse factory layout strategies.

More content is waiting for players to explore after the update be released on January 20th.

As the publisher announced in September 2021, Dyson Sphere Program has already sold for more than 1.7 million units. The game also won 2nd place on the list of the most acclaimed Steam releases in 2021 which was released by SteamDB. Since battle system is scheduled to be updated in the second half of 2022, we can expect Dyson Sphere Program to bring lots of fresh experiences to us in the future.

Article by: Susan N.



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