Happy Holidays and Construction Time!

Hello everyone and thank you so much for having stopped by this year. Whether you’re new to our site, stop by occasionally or are here every day, we appreciate it!

Today marks the start of our holiday period and we’ll be off for the next two weeks as we all relax with family and friends over Christmas and New Years. That said however, we also have a present to both you and ourselves!

Chalgyr’s Game Room turned 10 this year and to bring out some of the fanfare, we threw together a Games of the Decade extravaganza to highlight the ten years of our website. Ten years is a long time and with it the site has seen a few revamps however over the holidays is going to see our biggest one yet.

We are moving!

In order to keep up with the times, be more accessible and usable, especially after the dawn of mobile internet and browsing, yeah I know I’m making myself sound old, we are finally moving from a restrictive platform to a much more open one for our backend processes.

Because of this, things may look a bit funky for a little while. As preparation though, we’ve already revamped our last full year to be in the new style so that it will be less jarring and going forward we’ll also be revamping backwards all the way back to the beginning. Comments on articles could possibly disappear though they are still within Discus that we will continue to use.

There will be a bit of an adjustment going forward but we are looking forward to bringing you new reviews and content in 2020.

Happy Holidays!



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