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Summer in Mara
Discount and Rewards

Get Summer in Mara tomorrow for a limited price: only13€/14$ for the first 48 hours in our Kickstarter campaign.

About the rewards

In the first 48 hours, the digital version of the game for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch or PC will be at a discount price: only 13€/14$. So you better hurry up when we launch the Kickstarter campaign tomorrow, at 18 PM CET/ 12 PM EST.

We will also a limited reward, with two games for 22€ / 25$. It will be limited to only 200 backers, so you better be fast!

Among our rewards, you will find:

  • An art book with all the concepts, illustrations, and work from our artists.
  • The amazing OST by Paco Mitos and Adrián Berenguer.
  • diorama of Mara beaches.
  • A soft and cute Napopo plushie.
  • And, of course, a tropical ukulele.

Digital version of the game for only 13€/14$.
Only for the first 48 hours.

An exclusive look

Tomorrow, our campaign will be live. In just 24 hours. We can't wait to show you our amazing trailer with a 2D cinematic and all the stuff we have been preparing for so long. But we can show you our rewards right now. Take a look below!

Yes! We have a unique ukulele and a Napopo plushie ready for you.

The Ukulele will be customized with Summer in Mara motifs by our artists. It's limited to only ten backers. There will be only 10 Summer in Mara ukuleles in the world.  And the same thing applies to the plushie - only 10 Napopo plushies, made by Boira Plushies. Every plushie is handcrafted, so everyone is different.

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About Chibig Studio

Chibig is a game development company located in Valencia, Spain. They began their journey in early 2016 with Deiland Tiny Planet, a mobile game that released on PS4 and Steam in 2018. Six months after the mobile launch, Chibig put out another mobile game titled Ankora for the Android and iOS platforms. The Deiland Saga has over 4 million players from around the world. More information about the company and its games can be found on their website.

Article by Susan N.


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