Want to win a copy of Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage for the PC? Now's your chance!

Following our review earlier this morning, we have four copies of Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage to give away!

What do you need to do to win?

Four lucky winners will be drawn at random from those that give our friends at Enkian Games a follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnkianGames and then send a quick email to Nick@Chalgyr.com letting him know you've followed them and are entering the contest.

And that is it!

The contest kicks off with this post (so 12M Eastern Time on Monday, February 25th, 2019) and will run for a week (so get those emails in by this time on the March 4th). That night we'll take all of the entries, run them through a random drawing and reach back out to the winners via email with a code.

Good luck!

Article by Chalgyr's Game Room


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