Richard’s Games of the Year – 2018

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Game of the Year – Iconoclasts

I really loved Iconoclasts. It was a game I really didn’t know I needed, but I loved it all the way through

First Runner Up – Monster Hunter World

I’ve always been a monster hunter fan, and world gave the quality of life improvements to really push it further

Second Runner Up -Trails of Cold Steel 2

Gotta love some solid JRPG action

Biggest Surprise – Overcooked 2

This is a thing. It thinged, then I thinged, then there was a lot of thinging

Guilty Pleasure – Punch Line

The plot is good, and I like the gameplay concept…DON’T JUDGE ME

Biggest Dissapointment – The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the game, it just could’ve been so much more

Anndddddd because Richard had so little words this year, he also gets,

Honorable Mention – Xenoblade Chronicles 2

I picked this up a little too late to have it in the standard list, but what I’ve played makes me think I’d put it in here near the top of my ranking


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