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Releasing just next month, which is really close and amazing how fast time flies, Dick Wilde is coming back for more first person action! Releasing with requested features that fans wish were in the first, the newest adventure is sure to fill your headsets with even more craziness than before.

Check out the announcement trailer and we'll be back with Nick's review in the near future!

Well, Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit! -- Dick Wilde is back!

Dick Wilde 2 releases February 2019 - packed with fans’ most-requested features, including cross-platform play and online co-op! 

London, January 16, 2019 - After the fantastic commercial and critical success of the PS4 and PC VR title Dick Wilde, publisher PlayStack today announces the highly-anticipated sequel, Dick Wilde 2, complete with the most requested features from fans all over the world.

Dick Wilde 2 takes us to a host of new locales which have been infected by the massive outbreak of toxic spillage, creating a foul sludge that has mutated the local wildlife into the most darn-tootin’ vicious critters ever seen by the river folk.Faced with his gravest challenge yet, exterminator extraordinaire Dick Wilde has enlisted the help of two promising apprentices ready to fight the deadly ooze and its disgusting dwellers. These guys n’ gals are fixin' to clear them swamplands with all-new super-powered weapons - from gravity guns to arrows infused with divine lightning. In fact, word has it they got a-hankerin' for a little overkill, filling the sky with mortar strikes and AI assassin drones.

For a franchise first - Dick Wilde 2 will feature cross-platform VR online co-op, meaning that PS4 and PC fans can play together. Filling the shoes of Dick Wilde’s two apprentices, you and a friend can rid the swamp of those nasties, both in VR!

Dick Wilde 2 will launch on PSVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive worldwide in February 2019. The PS4 version yet again delivers Bolverk’s critically acclaimed PlayStation Aim and PlayStation Move support to give best-in-class precision and control.

Other major fan-requested features have made their way into the game, including a wider range of difficulty settings, insane power-ups and screen-filling fearsome boss fights!

“Dick Wilde has felt like a member of the family from when we first met him." said Harvey Elliott, CEO at PlayStack. ”We are so glad to be teaming up again with Bolvërk Games for Dick Wilde 2 and are excited for another high-action and rewarding coop experience”.

“Our fans made Dick Wilde a success and we’re doing everything we can to give them all that they want in the sequel,” said Bo Bennekov at Bolvërk Games. “We are so proud that Dick Wilde 2 features online VR co-op - it was our most requested feature and a lot of hard work, but we know players are going to love shooting mutated piranhas with a buddy by their side.”

About PlayStack
PlayStack is a new breed of publisher bringing world-class expertise, and a drive to support and promote innovative games from the next generation of game developers. PlayStack offers end-to-end funding, publishing expertise, and tech to build a strong gamer audience and community to empower developers. For more information visit

About Bolvërk Games
Bolvërk Games is a Danish games studio based in Copenhagen, founded in 2014. Led by Bo Bennekov, they focus on deep, engaging and - above all - entertaining VR games. Kittypocalypse was their first major release which launched in Spring 2016. The in-depth, strategic tower defence game received critical acclaim and now the team plan on launching their second title, Dick Wilde, on March 30th with even more VR projects planned for release in the next year.

Article by Pierre-Yves


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