Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Back to Ubersreik - PC Review

On my mind for a while now has been, where does Vermintide 2 go from here? Previously with Vermintide 2: Shadows Over Bögenhafen, two new stages had been added but nothing particularly new had been added to the series like a lot of the original's title. They were fun, they were lengthily, but in regards to new and exciting? In that regard it was a bit lacking as there were no new mechanics or gimmicks to be explored. So in a way, it's a little funny that with the second set of DLC, Vermintide 2 goes back to Vermintide by reprising three stages with a bit of a twist.

So back again are three stages from the original. These stages have been re-mastered in a way as they use Vermintide 2's style as well as it's enemy compositions so things are not exactly the same as you may remember. I'll be honest, they are fun but I wish that there were more of them. Alongside wondering where Vermintide 2 would be taking the DLC direction, I had been hoping that Vermintide 2 would also put the Vermintide stages back in so that everyone would have the chance to replay all of them with the new class system that the sequel has put into place. Now seeming like it may just be a bit of picking and choosing, I seriously hope that they bring the Schluesselschloss scenario back!

In regards to the package itself, it's a solid three stages that add to the overall mayhem that is already present. What makes these stages worth replaying isn't just that they add in new ways to tackle your enemies, but that there's a bit of narration from the Grey Witch who's essentially put your party into a simulation. Stuck in a very real illusion of sorts, you'll now have both the Skaven and the forces of Chaos hunting you down. They are fun and the twist is nice to have but as I mentioned, I would have liked more stages from the original.

Vermintide 2: Back to Ubersreik is a good continuation of the title. It adds more stages to the already existing set but also shows that FatShark isn't afraid to step back somewhat in spicing up old content for the current title. What comes next? I'm hoping for something brand new like the original set of DLCs so that we can see more of just how devious the developers can be!

Game Information

Hack & Slash
First Person "Shooter"
Single Player Coop
Multiplayer Coop
Other Platform(s):
Sony PlayStation 4
Microsoft Xbox One

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Article by Pierre-Yves


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