Forgotton Anne - PS4 Review

Remember that time you thought you lost that teddy bear that your grandma gave you, but really it just rolled off your bed one night while you were asleep, and you woke up the next morning and accidentally kick it under your bed, where you were to lazy to look for it... Yeah, you just sent him to the big men downstairs...

Welcome to the Forgotten Lands, where all forgotten things are given life and turned into beings as 'Forgotlings'. As they descend into this new realm they are given a purpose and a job: to either work in the tower, or the plant, so that one day all Forgotlings can return to the human world.

This cinematic adventure game will throw you in a world you never thought existed. You play as the strong willed protagonist Anne, who has lived in these lands her whole life. As the Enforcer, that regulated the laws of the land, she is suddenly thrown into chaos when a bunch of rebels attack the tower to the Ether World (human world). She set out to catch these pesky traitors and discovers there are some hidden secrets to this world that she was never supposed to know. With the help of her new ally, Figs, they work together to uncover the truth.

This game plays as a side scrolling platformer that will require you to be precise and open minded in order to get past all obstacles and puzzles that are found throughout the realm. Anne also carries with her a special device called the Arca, that gives her the power of Ether, the lifeblood of the land, to move objects, dematerialize Forgotlings and even make herself fly. Though this power is limited, she a force to be reckoned with.

The music of the game has a full orchestra that brings out each moment in breath taking pieces, that  alongside a powerful storyline, will reel you in as you continue to venture with Anne. I found myself captivated by this unique story and characters which is definitely a concept I have never come across before in gaming. Adding to it all, the game will also intrigue you with its hand drawn animated cutscenes that while short, are pleasant enough to remember.

The only flaws I found in the game, like most platformers, would be the edges. I came across ledges that were non-gripable at times and would only cooperate if you were directly under it... Yet not? It come and goes. And at one point the game glitched on me twice. Having to reopen my last checkpoint in order to reset the camera or certain items and enemies.

To conclude, I found this game to be a breath of fresh air. It's intricate storyline, puzzle solving and dynamic environment kept me interested from start to finish. I give this game a 9 for it was almost a masterpiece, but hopefully in future updates they can fix those small bugs.

Game Information

Sony PlayStation 4

ThroughLine Games
Square Enix
Single Player
Other Platform(s):
Microsoft Xbox One

Provided by Publisher

Article by Natasha


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