The Council: Episode 2 - Hide and Seek - PC Review

I have to hand it to Big Bad Wolf. They know what they are doing. After having finished Episode 1 of The Council, The Mad Ones, I was left with a high anticipation for the next entry and I was not disappointed. Starting off the morning right after where we left Louis and finishing on a cliffhanger, Episode 2 picks back up and showcases that this is not simply a one trick pony. Setting off on a game of Hide and Seek, Louis get sucked deeper into a world of high ranking political players and the dangers that come with uncovering things better left hidden and unknown to the world at large.

One major factor that I continue to thoroughly enjoy regardless of how much it frustrates me in hindsight, is the leveling and skill system. I swear, I never have what is needed on the spot because I figured “eh, I don't need that!”. Hindsight is still quite 20/20 but therein lies the charm. There is more than a single way in order to pass through the adventure just as there are many way in order to get what you want or need out of it. Do you use your knowledge of the occult or do you worry more about social economics and politics in order to deal with the world at large. It's your choice but remember that just because you solved a situation one way does not mean that you'll gain the same results in another.

Where Episode 2 impressed me the most was the utilization of its environment. In Episode 1 Louis is introduced to many different people in limited spaces such as hallways, studies or small serving salons. While these elements aren't outright dismissed, they take a position more on the backburner. Simmering until what is most likely the next episode, this change allows you to really look around and experience this magnificent manner on a private island that you find yourself upon. At least in some of these cases, my Occult knowledge and my knowledge of subterfuge, aka lock-picking, came very much in handy.

Moving about the premises is still as easy as it was in the first Episode but the beginning felt a bit rough mechanically to get started. Lots of slowdowns and choppiness were within the first half hour until it smoothed out and then the rest simply flowed into place. This was a good thing as the shift in direction requires a lot more time inspecting every nook and cranny for clues and items that can be used in order to move forward.

Overall, Episode 2 - Hide and Seek is just as good as Episode 1 - The Mad Ones. Picking up where the other one left off and showcasing just how much effort was put into the experience has kept my intrigue high for the third installment. With many different choices in the first and the second in order to lead to different experiences, I sometimes wish there were more than three save files.

Game Information

Big Bad Wolf
Focus Home interactive
Single Player
Other Platform(s):
Sony PlayStation 4
Microsoft Xbox One

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Article by Pierre-Yves


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