Deer Hunter: Reloaded - Xbox One Review

Everything about Deer Hunter: Reloaded feels like a mockery of hunting and gamers that happen to enjoy hunting. From the horrific animations to pointless single-track mobility to the fact that you can simply game the system by fast traveling between areas to refresh their animals. Though it may be something of a port of the mobile Deer Hunter, what we have on Xbox One is a mess of bad animations, unrealistic bullet physics, and a near-identical acquisition yet horrific attempt at Rebellion's signature X-Ray slow motion Kill Cam is laughably bad. If you truly despise someone, Deer Hunter: Reloaded would be the perfect gift to give them.

I do not even know where to start, but had it not been for the fact that the good folks at GameMill Entertainment provided a free code for review purposes, I would not have picked this up even being the hunting fan that I am. Whether it is the poor attempt at redneck humor and cringe-worthy voice acting or the washed out and gag-worthy textures, Deer Hunter: Reloaded is a painful game to try to play. Mix it with the filthy haze the has settled over every single one of the bland, uninspired  settings. The claim that "Deer Hunter will provide an authentic hunting experience for players" is a laughable lie.

I truly wonder if the folks at Game Mechanic Studios have ever actually gone hunting.  For one, simply taking a couple steps outside of your tent / arrival location in real life rarely, if ever will yield dozens of animals arrayed in a wonderful  pile ready for slaughter. Deer Hunter: Reloaded seems to think that hunting is more like shooting fish in a barrel. Fact; hunting is NOT like that. Mostly it requires a lot of patience and sitting and luring, not wandering to and fro while on a well-carved path simply pointing your firearm into a giant gathering of animals. Sort of takes the sport of of hunting.

I like too that in many locations that you will visit each scene has two or three small areas that spawn animals, often one to the left and one to the right, and if you shoot something on the left, the animals on the right do not seem to care. I am not sure about y'all, but in my experience, simply firing a weapon in the woods will scare away anything within a few hundred yards, at minimum. Again, I do not think the developers have spent any real time actually hunting, else they would not make the hilarious claim that  "… reactive animal AI will make you feel like you're out in the field in heart-pounding action in pursuit of trophy big game!" Um. No. The only heart-pounding that happens is when you become so frustrated at the piss-poor bullet dynamics that you throw your controller in frustration.

Deer Hunter: Reload is not worth it at $30. If it was one of the free games offered in Microsoft's Games with Gold program or Sony's PlayStation Plus free titles, I would still not recommend picking it up. The horrifying graphics, animations that made Mass Effect: Andromeda seem polished and lifelike, and  some of the most abysmal  attempts at realistic hunting I have ever seen only cement Deer Hunter: Reloaded as 2017's third-worst gaming-related debacle (preceded by Mass Effect: Andromeda being a shameful disappointment and Nintendo's considerable disdain for generating a larger fan-base). Deer Hunter: Reloaded is so bad that I cannot even bring myself to continue writing about it, let alone playing it for any more than the 10 or so hours I have put into it.

Game Information

Xbox One
Game Mechanic Studios
GameMill Entertainment
Single Player
Other Platform(s):
PlayStation 4

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Article by Robert


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