A first look at Mega Cat Studios

For something a little difference today we are taking a first look at the content that Mega Cat Studios offers. In this day and age retro gaming is definitely a big thing with the likes of titles both big and small such as Shovel Knight and 8-Bit Adventures.

So how cool is it that developers are still making physical old school games with cartridges? Very! Making games for both the NES and the Genesis we hope to bring you some new, yet classic, reviews soon!

Here's more on the studio!
MCS breathes new life into old video game consoles with artisanal, exclusive projects you won't find anywhere else. From the original Nintendo to Virtual Reality ports, we're bringing our fans the games they want.

Every game we release has meticulous attention to detail. Brand new custom PCB boards and cartridge shells, professionally printed and bound manuals, and boxes featuring artwork our team pours themselves into to bring the physical product to life.

We are all collectors and enthusiasts first. This is, and always will be, a passion project we're proud to put our name on. In a world of cloud storage, download codes and virtual licenses, we want to provide a medium to keep things physical.

Your support is what keeps our dream alive.

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Article by Pierre-Yves


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