Week in Review - May 29th to June 2nd

Welcome back to the weekend and this Week's in Review! It was a shorter and quieter one with Monday being a holiday in the US but we've still got reviews and previews to go over!

So hogging a bit of the week starting on Tuesday was the second of my slightly been around for a while titles but still within the "they get a score" category. Tokyo Mirage Sessions is honestly a must own for JRPG lovers that own a WiiU. Don't have one? Borrow one.

"On the whole Tokyo Mirage Sessions is a solid RPG that will keep you occupied for hours on end. Good storyline and great implementation of the Wii U's system can sometimes be dragged down by some not so well implemented systems but these are only secondary to the overall experience in most cases."
- Pierre-Yves

Tuesday saw something that I don't do very often. It got me out of my comfort zone with a walking simulator. Lacuna Passage shows promise especially in it's early moments with all the hands on but it needs just a bit more once you're past that as there's not much to look at or interact with on Mars.

"Huh… so that's how Matt Damon felt in the Martian. Having crash landed on the Red Planet it won't take long to get moving because the Oxygen levels and the Battery life of your suit won't last forever. Don't worry though, there's no potato farming!"
- Pierre-Yves

I fell in love with the colours alone. Yes I'm using the Canadian spelling right now. It shows the love! Seasons after Fall is gorgeous and it was refreshing to play a platformer that didn't require experience, wasn't a metroidvania, it just was and it was all the better for it.

"What struck me the most visually is that aside from the four guardians, one for each season, and several fireflies and cicadas, that's it. You're alone in this forest as you go about your task and it was one of the most refreshing platforming experiences that I've had in a long time."
Me again! - Pierre-Yves

Topping the week off is Nick's review of Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2. You say that a few times fast. Nick loves his fighting games, as does my brother, and let's be honest? I don't. I suck and probably wouldn't last a minute against either of them. They'll need to have a match against one another at some point!

"...if you weigh Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 solely on its own merits, there is very little to complain about. The overall package is as slick as ever, with great combat, fantastic presentation and lots of characters to play with. Despite Street Fighter's continually updating content and the recent Injustice 2's best efforts, Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 is where the 2D fighting scene is at its best."
Not me! - Nick

Article by Pierre-Yves


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