Week in Review - June 19th to the 23rd

The week started off with the console release of Thea: The Awakening which is one hell of an interesting 4X title. Having played it myself on the PC I'm happy to see that the console port is a good one.

"t can be a dicey proposition blending together a handful of different genres, but to its credit Thea: The Awakening manages to balance them with considerable skill."
- Nick

With almost perfect marks on tuesday it's hard to imagine that something came in higher within the same week. Robert may have found one of his Game of the Year entries with Everspace on the XB1.

"Everspace on Xbox One has "Game of the Year" written all over it."
- Robert

The middle of the week had both an amazing yet somber review of Cities Skylines for the Xbox One. The console port didn't quite meet expectations due to a limitation of the hardware.

"I love this game and i really hope that it continues being great but I don't think the console is the place for it. It's simply too slow to keep interest as it is and efforts to increase the speed might mean a decrease in detail or performance. Maybe upcoming consoles will have the horsepower needed to run this puppy but right now the Xbox is really not up to the task. "
- Breanna

Robert and the Warhammer "video game" entries don't tend to get along very well though Warhammer Total War may have changed that a bit! Which is a great thing!

"This one release has my faith in the franchise almost restored. Now if only the Warhammer 40,000 franchise could get the same treatment"
- Robert

The week ended up on a super high note with Y's Origin which is the only one in the series, so far at least, that doesn't have our Red Haired amnisiac Adol at the helm.

"Now, I have a bit of an embarrassing confession to make: Ys Origin is actually the first Ys game I've ever played, much to the chagrin of Pierre-Yves who I managed to slide by to snag this review. I can honestly say that if the rest of the series is even remotely similar to Ys Origin, I can see why he was so bitter." (Editor's Note: Yeah. Nothing else needs to be said on this)
- Richard

Article by Pierre-Yves


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