Week in Review - June 12th to the 16th

Things were a bit quiet this week with E3 but that can also depend on what you were doing. With the Skaven running right at you? Things are never quiet! Monday saw our thoughts on the newest addition to Warhammer: End Time with Vermintide's Stormdorf.

"...I seriously hope to see more of it over the next additions. They added a Boss Fight."
- Pierre-Yves

Tuesday we had a look at the currently in development Early Access title Kenshi. Squad Based Free Roaming RPG. It's intense but worth looking into. Lots of content and time that can be spent with this one!

"Having played From Software's wonderful happy go lucky Souls series has prepared me for the happiness that can be found outside of these walled cities."
- Pierre-Yves

Wednesday Nick took back to the Zombies with The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier Episode 5: From The Gallows. As another one comes to an end, Nick is probably musing on the direction of the next.

"...A New Frontier delivered a quality narrative adventure game that sets up some interesting possibilities for its next inevitable chapter."
- Nick

As one series ends so does another continue! Thursday saw Nick's Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Episode 2: Under Pressure review

"Once again I think Telltale Games benefits from the opportunity to tell an original story using established characters in a universe we are already at least somewhat familiar with."
- Nick

And then we had a bit of heavy entry to end the week with The Town of Light. Mental Illness? Horror? I think I'll avoid that town...

"So is The Town of Light worth playing? For me it was, despite the somewhat disappointing act of actually playing the game, because the tale is engrossing and the ending is incredibly memorable."
- Nick

Article by Pierre-Yves


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