Week in Review - March 20th to 24th

Following on the back of last week, here's this week's Week in Review!

Monday Rémi asked everyone to dance with a preview of The Behemoth's Pit People that is currently available through Steam's Early Access. What did he think? He believes that it's a gift to the gaming world:

"Wrapping this up, here. Because yes, I believe Pit People indeed IS a gift to the gaming world (gift… wrapping… yeah), or at least it's shaping up to be. Its appeal, style, quirkiness and extremely diverse gameplay, alone, would make it a recommendation, but the Behemoth touch, through the narrator and the truckload of personality the game exudes make this one a special kind of game. "
- Rémi

A little hard to follow up on that, Tuesday saw Robert's Review of 343 Industries's Halo Wars 2.

"Halo Wars is a comfortable and appropriate evolution of the original and is a glowing successor to the original's daring attempt at creating a real-time strategy game for consoles. A new threat, an old friend, Halo Wars 2 fits into the entire Halo franchise quite well."
- Robert

Wednesday Richard tackled the differently styled Shoot 'Em Up Blue Rider.

"While not necessarily best in class or most unique, Blue Rider offers a fresh new 3D take on an old 2D style of game. Environments are bright and transition between each other fluidly, controls are smooth and easy to handle, and stage design was overall well done."
- Richard
The Switch saw a bit more action on Thursday with Nick tackling Blaster Master Zero by Inti Creates. Worth it? I would already say so being from Inti Creates but don't take my word for it!

"Blaster Master Zero hearkens back to a much older age in video gaming, but it does so with a certain loving care that does more than just rely on nostalgia."
- Nick

Finally yesterday I tackled Hollow Ponds' Loot Rascals. Like Adventure Time's art style? Like Roguelikes? Stop waiting and start playing!

"Loot Rascals was one of the more entertaining Roguelikes that I've played in a while. The visuals are pretty to look at and the mechanics are different than the "norm" making for a new and fresh experience to a style that I know very well and love for some strange reason."
- Pierre-Yves (Me)

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend!

- Pierre-Yves


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