SCUF Elite Collection Xbox One Controller - Hardware Review

Here at Chalgyr's Game Room "SCUF" has been synonymous with "quality" and in their most recent endeavor, that word remains at the forefront of thought whenever SCUF is brought up. When Microsoft launched its Elite Controller I was a bit concerned as the controller looked, felt, and behaved in a fashion very similar to how I have found SCUF controllers to behave. In retrospect I would go as far as saying that Microsoft took SCUF's approach to a professional controller to heart and really upped their game with the Elite controller. As far as I was concerned the Microsoft Elite controller was amongst the best ever made… Then SCUF went along and made it better.

When the good folks at SCUF first announced that they would be taking the wonderful Elite controller and giving it the SCUF makeover, if memory serves me right, I started drooling. Probably a little foaming at the mouth too. When the opportunity came to review the SCUF Elite Collection Xbox One controller I did a little dance and hopped onto the SCUF site and customized a controller (seriously, I could spend hours on their site). What I came away with was a loaded SCUF Elite Gotham model, but with yellow highlights. It's pretty rad.

I would like to take a quick moment to point out that SCUF is an amazing company that truly looks after its users. Unfortunately my first SCUF Elite had a bit of trouble, with the right trigger acting like it was always depressed. Quite spooky when you hop into a game like the Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta and you just start automatically shooting. SCUF reacted with professionalism, speed, and frankly, put many other technical support and customer care departments at other companies to shame. In short order I was back up and running and ready to go.

While Microsoft's take on the Elite Controller is pretty bodacious, the only real downside to it is that the Elite rear paddles are so very easy to depress. I have on many occasions simply sat the controller down on the couch and inadvertently press a button. Picking the controller up is also a practice in patience, though not as bad as setting it down. Fortunately SCUF was like "not on my watch" and their standard vertical paddle adapter is robust, excellent, metal (not plastic) and best of all? Take some force to press. I love them. In fact, I love this entire controller. The thumbsticks, with their quick detachable tops, are metal. This baby ways significantly more than a standard controller and it is amazing!  Everything is designed to be interchangeable and I love it. Want longer thumbsticks? Simply order them from SCUF, want a different D-PAD? SCUF's got 'em.

The most impressing part of the SCUF Elite Collection is the texture. Grippy but not so much that it sticks to you, and easily brushes off any potential for light scratching. I am not advocating you try to blend your SCUF controller, but rather point out that the soft matte texture is both excellent on a tactile level, but also practical in the sense that these are professional controllers and as such, must stand up to professional wear-and-tear.

SCUF is synonymous with quality; when you buy SCUF you buy a professional gaming peripheral that you can customize to make it your own. The SCUF Elite Collection controllers are works of art and though I love my Gotham-inspired controller, the quality is so refined and excellent that I hope to pick up a sleek, all-black SCUF Elite Controller in the near future to make a part of my growing Batman-inspired electronics. With its changeable (and reassign-able) rear paddles, slightly textured wrap, professional grips, and world-class customer care, SCUF's latest is without a doubt, its greatest.

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