Trailer for the upcoming Koei Tecmo Attack on titan game

With Omega Force driving this game, I suspect that the action will be fast and furious in the upcoming Attack on Titan game.

Here is the presser:

KOEI TECMO America is happy to share a new trailer from Omega Force’s eagerly anticipated action title, based on the highly-acclaimed, world-renowned anime series, Attack on Titan!

This immersive new trailer serves as a reminder of the claustrophobic feel and dark atmosphere of the anime, offers a glimpse into the game’s exciting battle action and the player’s use of the famed 3D-maneuver gear, and encapsulates the overall feel of the yet-to-be-named title, currently planned for release in 2016 in the west.

More information on the title will be made public in the coming months.

And that trailer:

Article by Nick

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