Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars - PS3 Review

Another quick review for the middle of the week.

What's in a name? In this case, a lot of seemingly random words. Not only did the team try to cram as many syllables as they could into the title of this game, but a bunch of different ideas too. This is a game that flew under my radar when it released, despite the impossibly, needlessly long name. I managed to get it as a PlayStation Plus goodie several months ago though, and I thought I would do a real quick writeup on it.

The idea of this game is sort of like playing soccer - but with cars. To that end, you can do some pretty cool things with this game - though you do have to sink a good deal of time into it in order to pull off some of the zanier moves, but the trick shots are pretty rewarding if you can pull one off. The visuals are decent, not great. They are fairly colorful, but the detail is lacking. The audio presentation does not fare any better. Neither the music nor the sound effects were in any way memorable.

However, the feeling you get when you pull off some of the cooler moves? That does stick with you a bit longer. There are a handful of arenas and skins for your vehicles, and also a few different modes of play to help keep things a little bit fresher. The initial impression I got from this game was a slightly bewildered one, since I knew nothing about it and had no idea what to expect going in. Using your boosters to pull off crazy shots can be fun, but the overall game started to feel more 'been that, done that' after the initial two or three hours I invested into it.

Maybe my lack of interest in most racing games dulls my enthusiasm a bit, but I would have a hard time recommending this title to most people. If I am using my usual scoring scale of one through ten, I would probably be sitting between a five and a six here.



  1. "The idea of this game is sort of like playing soccer - but with cars."

    You could play soccer, football, fish, darts, and other random mini-games in ExciteBots, sort of. You would basically be in the middle of a race and have the opportunity to "kick" a soccer ball towards a soccer goal, or "kick" a football towards a goalpost...
    OH, and you could play Poker in ExciteBots, yes...Poker races.

    I gotta say, the racer in the last image looks like it could be from ExciteBots...

    I haven't played this one, like many, many, many, many games...but it's interesting timing seeing a racing review, as Bean 1 is currently playing Sonic Racing on the Wii U right now, and has been playing a CRAZY amount of Mario Kart on the DS these last few days.

  2. Hey, thanks for dropping in!

    Yeah, if it hadn't been a PS+ freebie, I would have never gotten around to playing it. That being said, it sounds like you believe I should give ExciteBots a try?

    Kind of funny that Bean 1 is on a racing kick lately. Our house has been on a Bioshock kick. My oldest is playing #1, my son playing #2 and I just got Infinite from a co-worker to play over the next few days.

  3. I can easily recommend ExciteBots. It's a faster racer, and has a better sense of speed, than Mario Kart Wii does. I actually have a post scheduled for it soon.

    Being that we know what you do at your job, it's not a surprise you're playing the new Bioshock really. Do you already have dev kits for the Durango and PS4?

  4. ROFL - so one of my buddies at work was reading this site earlier today, and stumbled onto your comment in Ni no Kuni's review. He thought that was pretty funny (and likely wondered if I had a 2nd job he didn't know about).

    Also? My oldest just beat the first Bioshock. She doesn't play many games, so I'm pretty stoked for her. :)


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