Spring's more or less here...

So I decided to go with the updated greens and yellows look of the blog, complete with a new background and header. Sure hope you enjoy the new color scheme as well as the review, and here's hoping you have a bit of sunshine wherever you are when you read this.

My combination of games in the header come from this week's primary review, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the white Witch, but also recently played games Tomb Raider, Fire Emblem Awakening, Soulcalibur V and Halo Anniversary Edition.

As always, thanks for coming on by to visit!


  1. It's a bright and sunny 79 degrees outside today. Nice banner/background update, but as for all those games, I have played a whopping ZERO.

  2. Not nearly so bright and sunny here today in Michigan. Kinda gray and drizzly out actually, so maybe my new color scheme is more about wishful thinking?

    Halo was okay, not great. Tomb Raider was a blast - easy to beat though. You could rent that for a weekend and probably get through it - only about 12 hrs I'd guess.

    That, Ni no Kuni and Soulcaibur you can play on your PS3. Fire Emblem is amazingly fun. A 3DS game that is a game of the year contender for me at this stage. :)

    Thanks for commenting on the layout!


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