So, what's on tap this weekend?

I have a few games I am still trying to get through.  Record of Agarest War Zero is definitely a time-sink, no doubt about it.  My backlog is building up pretty badly of late.  My daughter sent me these pictures though recently, and while I'm envious of the setup, I have to wonder what their backlog is like:

I have quite a few of those systems currently, though not in a setup quite like that.  In fact, most of my older consoles are upstairs in the kids' bedrooms or living room.  Once in a while I will bring one down, and hook it up in my den and play it, though. 

I am hoping to be Agarest this weekend.  I've gotten a bit more time in on Icarus and that should be two fairly new reviews for me in the near future.  I've also been poking at Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the PSN game Outland.  I am hoping to grab D3 sometime in the next week and change, so it would be ideal if I had several of my started games wrapped up before then.

This is that same person's game setup.  I have a lot of games but... sheesh...

I have a slew of posts ready to go over the next two weeks that I hope you will enjoy as well.  So, you know what games I plan to tackle.  What about you?  Sound off if you like - and I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I saw this on Facebook. Despite the fact it was being ridiculed there (by 'cool' people, of course) I thought it was the best console set-up I've ever seen! :)

  2. Yeah, I saw some of that too. I was impressed. I have a lot of old systems - NES, SNES, N 64, SMS, Genesis,Saturn, GBC, GBA to name a few - but my setup is nothing like that. LOL

  3. I'm playing Agarest as well. And you're right, it's a time sink and a half.

    That said, this weekend is all about Totori as I get ready for Meruru :)

  4. It's a nice set up but using anything but a CRT on those old systems ruins it.

    That said I've no CRT for my own consoles or room for one.

  5. Holly Fellmeth18 May, 2012 11:26

    I'm hooked on Metroid Prime right now, so I doubt even Xenoblade Chronicles will keep me away from it. I may end up playing Mario Kart 7 at some point, though.

  6. Xenoblade Chronicles again, close to over 60 hours put in to that game. Getting close to the end, but stuck on one particular boss. So, it's grind, grind away for me at the moment.

  7. Two excellent choices in m opinion.  I was reading over on Coffee with Games' blog that it's not uncommon for people ot put in 100+ hrs on Xenoblade and still not finish it.

    Holly - is this the original prime or 2 or 3?  I only ever got through the first one myself (back on the GC)

  8. LOL, gotta love the Facebook crowd...most don't have time to research topics, but that doesn't stop them from having ignorant opinions on those same topics.

    The setup though? Definitely nice, definitely...

    *applies for Home Depot and Lowe's credit cards!  Best Buy cc also for the TV! While we're at it, why not just some random credit card so I can go and find all these games and consoles ONLINE!
    **moves into bunker shelter, and locks the door...waits for Mrs. Coffee to get the bills, but it's okay...I'm safe in the bunker
    ***Update: CRAP! Forgot all the food for the bunker...

  9. Actually more on topic now:

    I just brewed a pot of coffee, and am about to play some Rayman Origins. Last night I played through Sanctum's Steam demo and had a lot of fun with it...never thought I would enjoy a tower defense game like that, but it reminded me a lot of chess actually, and I like that.

  10.  Not only food... but did you forget the... COFFEE!? :)

  11.  I haven't tried Sanctum yet - it looks decent, and your description actually makes it sound even better, but I have to plug through a few of these lingering titles.  I feel like I've been playing FF XIII-2 and Agarest War Zero forever now.  I'll never find time for a game like Xenoblade if I don't beat a few more of these. :)

  12. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. "I feel like I've been playing FF XIII-2 and Agarest War Zero forever now."

    Hmmm, perhaps it stems from being a professional internet troll? Not saying I'm speaking from experience or anything...afterall, the coffee was finished only about an hour ago, and the game is now sitting in the Wii on the main menu...just waiting for it to be started.

    ADHD....I could sit here, and work on posts/videos for the next 4 hours probably very easily...IF I get up and sit on the couch for 1 minute....GONE!!!!!!!!!!! Passed out.
    So, I'm waiting on my first cup of coffee to kick in (here's hoping), before I sit on the couch to start the game. At least that sounds like a good delay fish tactic to me.

  14.  The original. I've been really busy lately, which is unexpected. After my 14-credit-hour semester was finally done, I thought I would at least feel like I had more time, but that's not the case somehow! But I'm getting into the flow of summer and zeroing in on Metroid Prime, so I hope to get to the second and third soon!

  15.  LOL - that does sound about right.  on top of all that, I've also been doing a lot of work from home lately too.  Too easily distracted, though Agarest is a title I've probably spent at least 60 hrs on so far - though I'm nearly done. :)

  16. That is an awesome setup and collection.  We left last week for some family party stuff about 10 hours away.  Got some 3DS action in on the road, mainly mutant mudds and some Rayman Orgins demo.  (which was downloaded while in-route..   who says  you need the 3G vita, 3DS+4G MiFi==theWin)

    Didn't end up having any gaming time once we got there and also missed out on a streetpass opportunity the last day.  I left my 3DS in the room and low and behold one of her nephews was sporting his on the last day.  oh well.

    Chalgyr:  work from home can be great.... or a great distraction.  Perhaps I shouldn't have had my Wii hooked up to my LCD computer monitor in the office where all it took was a quick press of the input button.  :)

  17.  Yeah, I loved that setup.  Nice deal on getting more 3DS in.  My son's taken over my copy of Kid Icarus, though I did get the 3DS Tom Clancy game from my wife for my birthday, so that's going to be fun. 

    LOL @ the Wii at a press of a button - I agree, that could be pretty distracting. Not that being on a PC in general isn't since, well- PC games... ;)

  18.  Working on a PC all day and having access to steam has been pretty tempting.  I'd be lying if I said I never used parts of my "lunch hour" for portal, portal 2 or super meat boy.

    My next home office thought is to get a ~30" LCD that can do split screen PIP for work and Wii.  Then agani maybe I just get another monitor and Wii it up on the secondary display.  (suppose the un-fun thing would be to just finish work early and wii afterwards)

  19.  Yeah, that last suggestion?  sounded all serious and business-like.  Can't let responsibility get in the way of gaming time! :)

  20. You're right, way too responsible.  What was I thinking?


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